'Rock of Love': A Former Producer Says This Contestant Manipulated the Show

In 2007, VH1 introduced the world to Rock of Love With Bret Michaels, a spinoff of the successful dating show Flavor of Love starring rapper Flava Flav. As a reality dating series, Rock of Love had plenty of drama to go around. Recently, a former producer shared news of one woman who tried manipulating the show behind the scenes. Shockingly, it’s not who everyone thinks it is! 

Lacey Sculls came off like a ‘b*tch’ for the cameras

Rock of Love‘s debut season featured a lot of big personalities. Perhaps the best player in the game was Lacey Sculls, whose tactic was to target and torture the other women one by one, effectively picking them off.

While Sculls might have come off as an insane person for the cameras, it turns out behind the scenes she was quite normal. “I am curious to know if Lacey was actually that big of a b*itch or if it was just for ratings,” a fan asked on Reddit. A former producer who worked on the Rock of Love series had an answer. 

“Lacey was not [a b*tch],” the producer shared. “She was aware it was a game, hints her evil persona. Lacey was that way for ratings, which was inspired by New York from Flavor of Love.” 

Heather Chadwell tried to manipulate ‘Rock of Love’ behind the scenes 

During Rock of Love Season 1, Heather Chadwell and Jes Rickleff were Michaels’s final two girls. He ultimately chose Rickleff to be his rock of love, leaving Chadwell heartbroken and tattooed with his name on her neck. 

Unfortunately, Rickleff and Michaels didn’t last. When Rock of Love Season 2 came about, production invited Chadwell back as a guest. According to the former producer, that was a big mistake. 

“Heather wasn’t the greatest castmate to work with, especially when she returned during Season 2 of ROL,” they added. “She was actually supposed to come back into the competition, like New York during Flavor of Love 2. But she honestly p*ssed off producers so much that we were no longer interested in bringing her back.”

Chadwell was allegedly “arrogant” and demanding behind the scenes. “She genuinely thought she had control over the production team LOL,” the producer said. “[Chadwell] was just a nuisance.” 

Heather Chadwell stirred the pot on ‘Rock of Love’ Season 2 

Rock of Love Season 2 brought Michaels a new group of women to pursue. One of those women was Daisy de la Hoya, who claimed she was there for Michaels but was harboring a secret — she still lived with her ex-boyfriend. 

Naturally, this became a plot point on the reality series. Production crews used it to their advantage but became annoyed when Chadwell tried to manipulate situations on the show. 

“I understand that Daisy living with her ex was alarming, but Heather only continued to bring it up as a way to jab at Daisy,” the former producer explained, continuing: 

In my opinion, Heather was totally and utterly jealous of Daisy from the start.

Do a rewatch of Season 1. See the way Heather makes up a complete lie about Erin (who has a similar look to Daisy) to get her kicked out? Out of jealousy from the first date Erin and Bret had.

She tried to do the same thing with Daisy.

Ironically, Michaels didn’t end up in a lasting relationship with anyone from Rock of Love

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