Ryan Thomas strips off for ice bath as he struggles to walk on day seven of 10-day marathon

RYAN Thomas stripped off for an ice bath as he struggled to walk on day seven of his 10-day marathon.

The 36-year-old star was filmed grimacing and fighting to catch his breath as he battled the cold to help his exhausted body.

In videos shared to Ryan's Instagram story, the actor can be seen sitting in the icy water with his head in his hands.

Revealing it was his first ever ice bath, Ryan was clearly struggling with the cold as a friend coached him through.

Off camera, the pal could be heard saying: "There you go mate, get your breathing sorted."

Ryan was wearing a pair of striped red and black swimming trunks and shivered as he stood up from the water, his enviable abs on display.

Battling through the cold, Ryan stumbled as he tried to walk but optimistically held his thumbs up to the camera as he cheered: "Day seven, done!"

Earlier in the day, Ryan had been left overwhelmed when his 12-year-old daughter Scarlett surprised him after trekking 78 miles in a bid to raise awareness of male suicide.

The ex-Corrie star is in the process of walking 10 marathons in 10 days for Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

His brother Scott filmed as Ryan hobbled over the finish line yesterday and was told to stand in front of a large truck for a surprise – and he couldn't hide his joy when the door opened to reveal his little girl.

Last week, the exhausted star told fans that the walks have been tougher than he ever imagined, and his feet are covered in bubbling blisters.

He told The Sun that he is "trying to keep focused" as he walks from London to Manchester in a bid to raise £50,000.

His final stop will be Manchester Cathedral on Wednesday [19 May], where he will be reunited with fiancee Lucy Mecklenburgh and their son Roman.

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