SEAL Team: Will Scott Carter die in season 4 finale?

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SEAL Team season four concludes on Wednesday, May 26 on CBS in the US. Thankfully, SEAL Team will return for a fifth series on Paramount + but will Scott Foxx reprise his role as Scott Carter, also known as Full Metal, or will he die in the season four finale? has everything you need to know.

Will Scott Carter die in the season 4 finale of SEAL Team?

In the past few episodes of SEAL Team, the BRAVO team have been on a mission to Nigeria.

They have been tasked with helping the Nigerian forces battle against Boko Haram.

Things have not been going great for the Bravo Team in their professional and personal lives so far on their latest mission.

On the one hand, it seems like Sonny has hit rock bottom and on the other, Jason Hayes is having a career crisis.

Not to mention Ray’s PTSD is affecting his marriage and Clay is at loggerheads with Sonny.

However, all of that meant nothing when a small Boko Haram unit managed to get by the Nigerian forces and headed straight for the Bravo Team.

Just as it looked like Bravo had gained the upper hand, one of Boko Haram’s men fired a missile which was seen heading straight for Jason, Clay and Scott Carter/Full Metal.

It is very unlikely SEAL Team has killed off one of the show’s main characters but the same can not be said for the shows recurring characters.

Unfortunately, serious injuries and deaths are to be expected in military drama.

The last viewers saw of Full Metal was him suffering from seriously broken and horrific shrapnel wounds, with Clay trying his best to keep him alive.

Jason and Clay worked together to get Metal safely back to the rescue helicopter where he remained unconscious.

Thankfully, Metal regained consciousness and told the Bravo team his leg felt broken and he was surprisingly laughing about his ordeal.

Fans will have to tune into the season finale to see if Metal will survive his injuries.

There is some good news for fans of Full Metal in SEAL Team.

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Foxx is listed on IMDb as appearing in next week’s season finale, suggesting he is alive for at least a little longer.

One thing is for sure, it looks like there will be a funeral in the finale of SEAL Team.

In the promo trailer for the final trailer, eagle-eyed fans have spotted members of the cast show cleanly shaven.

There is also a quick snipped of a ceremony taking place on the ship.

One fan tweeted: “They have “baby” faces again! Please, please, please do not tell me it is because of a funeral!!! Season 4 Finale next week!!! #SEALTeam @SEALTeamCBS @SEALTeamWriters.”

A second fan tweeted: “I hope Metal will be okay. I’m really loving his one-liners lately.”

A third fan added: “This is pure evil. Bring Metal to the limelight with such clever, witty lines just to kill him two episodes later.

“But then again, that’s real life. Thank you for keeping it real. This is the best show ever. Bring Metal back, though.”

Fans will have to make sure they do not miss the season finale next week to find out if Full Metal dies or survives.

The season finale’s synopsis teases: “Bravo takes a devastating hit that will change the team forever, and forces each member to make major personal decisions, on the fourth season finale of SEAL TEAM.”

Actor AJ Buckley posted on Instagram in April 2021 of him on the set of SEAL Team, teasing the finale will “shake the ground.”

He captioned the picture: “We are filming the season finale right now and all I can say is ITS GOING TO SHAKE THE GROUND! Action-packed and totally Heart Breaking! Can’t wait for ya’ll to see it. Thank for sticking with us during this crazy COVID tv schedule!

“#Veterans #SealTeam #seasonfinaleisgoingtobelegit

“#BestJobInTheWorld #Grateful #America #texas.”

SEAL Team season 4 concludes Wednesday, May 26 on CBS

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