Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Kim Tate’s escape plan and Meena’s shock confession

KIM Tate confides in her son Jamie about her poisoner and they hatch an escape plan together next week in Emmerdale, while Meena makes a surprising confession about her past. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in Emmerdale village…

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1. Will raises Kim’s suspicions

Will makes a business pitch to his ex Kim next week following her announcement that she's planning to retire.

Kim is left questioning Will's motives. 

Viewers will remember that Kim caught Will fiddling with her drinks trolley shortly before she realised a mystery culprit was poisoning her.

Could Kim's poisoner be Will?

2. Kim and Jamie hatch an escape plan

Jamie spots Kim’s hidden camera and quizzes his mother next week in the ITV soap. 

Kim tells Jamie that she installed it because she discovered someone has been drugging her. 

Jamie is hurt that Kim suspected him and manages to convince her that they should both escape Home Farm for a bit.

Can Jamie be trusted?

3. There’s a murder mystery

Meena is fuming when Andrea invites Charles away camping with her and Millie.

Later, Andrea also riles Gabby up when she pops into Home Farm with her dog, Princess, to get Millie’s sleeping bag for the trip. 

The dog takes a dislike to Gabby and soils her handbag, leaving the teenager desperate for revenge. 

When Andrea leaves Princess tied up while heading to talk to Millie, a mysterious figure lures the dog into the parked car and slams the door shut, leaving it to die. 

Who was the culprit?

4. Nicola flirts with Mackenzie 

Nicola confides in Bernice about her relationship woes and Mack jokes that he’ll always be an option for her. 

When Nicola pounces on him later at the scrapyard, Mack is thrilled but is everything really as it seems?

5. Jimmy dumps Nicola 

When Mandy discovers that Jimmy is intending to plead guilty she’s determined to change his mind. 

She tries to convince him that going to prison won’t fix anything for anyone.

Nicola tells Jimmy she can’t attend his plea hearing. 

When Jimmy returns from court, he visits Mandy and tells her he’s developing feelings for her that run deeper than friendship. 

He then tells Nicola he’s moving out – and that their marriage is over. 

6. Meena makes a shock confession

Meena tells Diane a shocking confession about her past next week.

With Emmerdale keeping shtum about the details, viewers will have to tune in for more details.

Meena raised fans' suspicions recently when she posed as Ethan's mother in an attempt to reunite Manpreet with her ex Charles.

What will her dark secret be?

7. Tracy spirals 

Tracy struggles to cope with baby Frankie’s feeding demands next week as her mental health continues to deteriorate. 

She opens up to Nate and he does his best to be supportive, but it’s not enough. 

Later, Dr Liam asks how Tracy is coping, but will she be honest about how much she’s struggling?

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