Snowpiercer fans convinced Melanie is the real Mr Wilford as hunt for serial killer takes game-changing turn – The Sun

THE mystery of Mr Wilford’s true identity boiled over in the latest episode of Netflix’s Snowpiercer.

The dystopian series, which sees the survivors of an icy apocalypse circle the world on a colossal train, finally answered the questions of everyone’s lips – where is Mr Wilford?

As it turns out, Wilford is dead – a twist fans first predicted last week.

Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) previously aroused suspicion when she appeared to create a speech from the mogul using a series of pre-recorded clips.

However, her deceit was confirmed in the latest instalment, leaving many convinced she is keeping up appearance by taking on the mantle of Mr Wilford single-handedly.

Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) proved his worth as a detective by exposing the culprits behind the string of murders terrorising the train.

It turned out that L.J. Folger (Annalise Basso) and her bodyguard Erik (Matt Murray) were behind the killings, having embarked on a forbidden romance.

However, his discovery was derailed as he foolishly made an enemy of Melanie by calling her bluff after one of her feigned conversations with Mr Wilford.

The move got him sent to The Drawers, the equivalent of a prison, where residents are suspended in comas and put into storage.

Viewers were quick to remark that Melanie’s drastic action was testimony to her guilt in duping the population about Mr Wilford.

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"Mr Wilford definitely doesn't exist. Melanie definitely runs this," one user wrote.

"WILFORD BEEN GONE!" a second exclaimed, while a third asked: "Anyone else under the impression that there is no Mr Wilford?"

Meanwhile another quipped: "Mr Wilford ain't real!"

The furore comes after viewers were disgusted as a teen was forced into performing oral sex to procure medicine for their mother.

New episodes of Snowpiercer drop on Mondays on Netflix.

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