Spoilers: Geoff commits his most sick act of abuse in Corrie yet

Coronation Street fans are set to be horrified at the despicable lengths that Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) is set to go to in order to “punish” wife Yasmeen nazir (Shelley King) tonight – after he is furious at her for not cooking his dinner.

We have already seen the cruel bully manipulate and control Yasmeen over the past months and it has shattered her confidence and isolated her from anything outside of Geoff’s bubble.

But tonight, when she sees what Geoff is truly capable of, things get much worse – will she see him for the monster he is or will she remain trapped by him?

A soap source told Metro.co.uk: ‘Geoff has already proven how manipulative he can be – his cruel actions have left Yasmeen a shadow of her former self but we haven’t seen the worst of him yet.

‘It’s fair to say that tonight, fans will be shocked by just how evil he can be – and it could very much break Yasmeen and starts the next chapter of the story as his true colours start to unfurl and his mask slips.

‘Alya sees signs of what he is like and will decide that she needso get gan away from his monstrous man – but by the time it gets to this stage, will it already be too late? Geoff won’t give up his control easily and he is a difficult and horrific foe to stand up against.’

Gail will hear Yasmeen sobbing her heart out in the garden and warn Alya.

But how far has Geoff gone?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7:30pm in an hour long episode on ITV.

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