Spoilers: Hollyoaks incest shock as Tony makes a pass at his sister Verity

Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) has been through a hell of an ordeal in Hollyoaks following his hostage trauma at the hands of breda McQueen and now the controlling behaviour of his sinister dad Edward (Joe McGann).

And in his confused state, as he grows further and further apart from Diane (Alex Fletcher) while Edward’s plans come together, he spots someone across the dancefloor and makes a move on her – only for her to introduce herself as Verity (Eva O’Hara), his sister!

Awkward much?

It begins as Tony continues to grow more and more suspicious of Diane, and whether she was faithful whilst he was being held captive. This is only heightened when Diane decides to throw out a designer handbag, one that Tony has never seen before. Edward feeds his suspicion even more, wanting him to find out about the affair.

Later, a drunken Tony approaches Verity and asks her to give him a kiss, only for her to turn around and reveal that she is his sister, who is back in the village. How will Tony explain this to Diane?

Speaking about Edward’s plot and how Verity plays a part, Joe told Metro.co.uk: ‘He’s a manipulator, he moves people round as if they were on a chessboard. It’s always playing to his own advantage. In my research I found out, the thing about narcissists is that they don’t always have a plan, they just like to destabilise so that when they see people weak, when they see people unseated, then a plan will form, so at the moment he’s just trying to keep people slightly on the wrong foot.

‘I think Verity knows full well. I think they have a good father/daughter relationship. I think that he’s very very honest with her. He lost his wife — her mother — in a plane crash, so I think that kind of trauma would throw them together. Not to say she necessarily approves, but she has some moves herself, so I wouldn’t say she approves, but she doesn’t disapprove.

‘There’s a very interesting dynamic between them and Edward will 100% go to any lengths to get what he wants.’

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