'Summer House': Kyle Cooke Seems Worried About Tension Between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard

Tensions between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House appear to go from bad to worse. A preview clip shows the two bickering in the kitchen with Kyle Cooke in the middle.

Cooke looks seriously sad and worried about his two close friends as they went from snuggling and kissing to yelling and storming out of the room. The season started with Radke and Hubbard taking their close friendship to a romantic place. They hesitantly decide to date after a hookup but Radke quickly gets cold feet. Unfortunately, he is too scared to share with Hubbard that he wants to remain in the friendzone and she finds out when he asks out their personal trainer. Radke doesn’t try to hide it from Hubbard which makes her even more confused.

As he gives her the cold shoulder she becomes frustrated and annoyed. Ultimately he decides to finally come clean, hoping she feels the same way. Unfortunately, she doesn’t and ends up in her bedroom sobbing alone.

Their relationship goes from friends to foes

Radke wants to be friends again, but Hubbard is still catching up. He gets blackout drunk and apparently acts like a jerk. He tries to be cavalier about it as he talks to Cooke about what happened the next day. But Cooke isn’t feeling overly casual about it and cameras capture his worried looks as Radke talks. The guys talk about what happened in the kitchen over coffee.

Cooke first wants to know if Radke and Hubbard are on good terms. “I’m not sure what good terms are supposed to be,” Radke replies. “She’s mad about … something. I was definitely full-on black out. Was dinner that bad?” Cooke looks pained half nodding that dinner was, indeed that bad.

The guys stand in silence as Hubbard enters the room. She’s pretty direct. “What’s up? You talking about me?” Radke smiles at her as she just says, “Yeah, go ahead.”

Mom and dad are fighting

The threesome stand in silence as Cooke looks supremely uncomfortable. “Should we have a conversation or … no,” Radke says to Hubbard who is emptying a bag while staring at him. Meanwhile, Cooke almost looks crushed watching two of his best friends at war.

“I just want to be happy, we’re friends Lindsay,” Radke starts. But Hubbard says, “Okay, we’re friends but don’t f**king talk to me the way you did yesterday.” Radke becomes defensive, saying, “My bad, I f**ked up! Lindsay. I got drunk. I blacked out, I got mad.” Hubbard says she doesn’t want to have the conversation until he can figure out how to speak to her.

Again, Cooke almost looks floored, standing by while witnessing the smackdown. He tries to mediate. “You guys need to have a civil conversation,” Cooke suggests. Adding in a confessional, “I knew this was gonna happen! I f**king told you so! Mom! Dad!” The two continue to argue as no end seems to be in sight.

Summer House airs on Bravo every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. / 8 p.m. central.

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