'Supernatural' Episode 15 Recap: Jack Drops a Bomb and the Winchesters Find an Old Frenemy

After meeting Mrs. Butters in the Oct. 8 episode of Supernatural, the Winchesters refocused their efforts on defeating Chuck.

Time is winding down for them and the audience, so what’s the plan? It’s necessary to bring the whole family together, something that makes sense when you watch the entirety of “Gimme Shelter.” Here’s a recap.

[Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Supernatural Season 15, episode 15]

New case, new mission for Sam, Dean, Jack, and Cass

High school volunteers serve food in a church community center. Two girls make mean remarks about one of the women and try to force a reluctant friend named Connor to kick her out. The pastor pulls him aside and tells him to be kind. He takes her a bowl of soup.

The scene flips to Connor walking home at night when he hears a voice calling his name. He’s knocked down and a mysterious stuffed bear lands at his feet. He picks it up and it says his name. Someone slips a snare pole around his neck and strangles him.

In the bunker, Dean learns about a blackout in Atlantic City. He thinks it’s Amara but Sam doesn’t believe she’d be in New Jersey. Dean wins the field trip decision. Castiel walks into the bunker. He wants to ride along but they want him to stay and with Jack.

Jack comes across Connor’s homicide and wants to investigate, and everyone gives in. The Winchesters head to Jersey while Cass and Jack go check out their own case.

Cass and Jack are undercover agents

A sheriff shows them video footage of someone bent over Jack wearing a mask. They carved “liar” into his chest. Cass summons a demon to see if they killed Connor, and the one who shows up blames it on humans.

Additionally, Rowena’s reformed Hell and no more deals are made. This demon Zack is bored and offers to help with the case but Cass turns it down.

Elsewhere at the church community center, a worker steals from the donation box. Outside, she hears a voice call “Valerie!” The masked weirdo confronts her and she screams.

Cass calls Dean with an update and he suggests Jack sign up to volunteer to go undercover. “Have him drink the Kool-Aid.” He hangs up.

Dean and Sam discuss killing Amara, and Sam has some misgivings about setting her up. They’ve been on the road for two days and haven’t found her, but Dean wants to keep going.

Jack goes to the church center and tells Sylvia, the girl from the first scene, he wants to help. She directs him to some paperwork. Cass walks in and asks to speak to the pastor and informs him that Valerie is missing.

In a Saw-like scene, Valerie wakes up tied to a chair with her hand stuck in a finger-chopping device. A TV screen cuts on and shows the word “thief.” One finger is cut off.

Back at the community center, Jack asks Sylvia if she wants to talk about Connor. She’s sad. She shares that she used to date him and they were close. Jack brings up losing his mother and the girl reveals the same thing happened to her. “It’s just me and Pastor Joe,” she says. That’s her dad.

They have a nice chat but the girl warns him to put his trust in “God” and not people. The irony.

Cass questions the pastor about Connor and Valerie and learns someone named Rudy used to work there as a tech person. The pastor also tells Cass that Connor was gay and that bothered some people in the congregation. They chat about faith before parting ways.

Surprise, it’s Amara

On the road, Sam and Dean stop for gas. After checking traffic, they learn there’s a backup on the highway, hindering Dean’s plans for a nice casino meal. They agree on pork rinds, turn to go into the store, and Amara is standing there. “I think we can do better than that.”

They ask how she found them. She smelled them from two states away and she heard Cass’ angel APB. Amara suggests they go for a meal—perogies.

Back in the trap room, Valerie loses another finger. The pastor is leading a study group where they welcome Jack into the fold. Cass walks in and hears the pastor tell Jack to share a personal testimony.

Jack falters, so Cass volunteers. He talks about blind faith, following orders, and some terrible things he’s done. He also said finding family and becoming a father changed him.

While serving soup, Jack asks the pastor about uniting people of different backgrounds. Their conversation is interrupted when the center’s TV flips on and shows Valerie being tortured. Jack tries to unplug the TV and discovers a device attached to it.

At the restaurant, Sam and Dean proposition Amara for help with Chuck. She doesn’t think they can stop him and doesn’t want to betray her brother. Dean tells him about Jack and how they want to trap God.

She explains their celestial power. They’re twins, creation and destruction. She points out that creation came about when they separated and she likes it. Amara is not down for the cause.

The Winchesters leave. Dean goes back inside to ask Amara why she brought their mom back. She says she wanted him to see Mary was just a person, not a myth that he held. She says Now is always better than Then and she sought to teach him to accept his life.

Amara also says she thought it would help him release his anger issues. She admits she was wrong. He goes off and calls her another cosmic dick who wants to pull the strings. He says she’s trapped in his messed up dream world just they are. His rant sinks in a little and she says she’ll think about helping.

Jack and Cass crack the case

Cass and Jack go visit Rudy’s place and break down the door. They find his decaying body in the bedroom with the word “lust” scribbled above it in blood.

At the center, everyone is freaking out. Sylvia is sitting outside when her friend walks out, giddy that she shared that video of Valerie online. She stabs her friend in the flank and flees.

Cass and Jack track her down at the torture spot. Jack bursts in before she can hurt her pleading father. She scolds Jack about having daddy issues and stabs him but he heals. Cass puts the sleep angel whammy on her and heals Valerie’s hand. Pastor Joe asks, “What are you?” He learns Cass’ secret.

Sylvia’s taken to a squad car while Pastor Joe speaks to Cass and Jack. He says she won’t be alone. The driver of the police car is none other than Zack the demon from earlier. What’s going on here?

Cass and Jack drive home and talk about Jack’s burden. He’s been lying to Cass. Billie turned him into bomb and when Chuck and Amara go, he’ll die too. He says it’s the only way Sam and Dean will forgive him and asks Cass not to tell them. This is too much to bear. Cass is hurt.

Back at the bunker, Dean is taking a swig of beer when he spots Cass leaving. He asks about Jack’s whereabouts and where he’s headed. “To find another way.” Jack is in his room when Cass breaks and says to Dean he has something to tell him in case he doesn’t make it back.

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