Teen Mom Rachel Beaver hits back after fans slam her for posing baby daughter on rocky ledge – The Sun

TEEN Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver is hitting back at fans who accused her of “bad mothering” after she posed her 1-year-old daughter on a rocky ledge for a photo.

Rachel, 17, posted a photo of her daughter Hazlee sitting on a steep ledge.

Fans slammed the reality star for not holding her daughter, as she could’ve fallen backwards.

Rachel defended herself over Instagram story.

She hit back: “Ya’ll need to STFU about this pic. I was right next to her and took the pic fast ASF.

“My baby’s with me right now & is uninjured so what’s the GD issue?! STFU and let me live.

She added: “I was holding a speaker to keep her attention on me too for the split f**king second she was on the rock. F**k ya’ll.”

But fans didn’t buy her explanation, as one fan fired on Reddit: “It’s not about how she quickly took the picture and supposedly removed her from the wall. You’re still putting her in danger for those one or two minutes and anything can happen in that time period.

“Especially with a kid who doesn’t have complete sense of what’s going on around them and would happily roll and move around.”

A second wrote: “Basically admitting that she intentionally put her child in danger for a photo?”

A third fan slammed: “Why was the picture even important, Rachel!? How can you have a kid that age and not know how quickly they just go flopping over like Free Willy? Seriously.

“Never, ever, ever set your baby down somewhere that isn't in like a five foot radius of total, total safety.”

A fourth wrote: “What time does the bad mothering contest start again?”

And a fifth asked: “Genuinely how are child protective services not involved with this family?”

The backlash comes as Young and Pregnant cast members await MTV’s decision to either cancel or renew the series.

Rachel's mom Stephanie exclusively told The Sun the decision was to be made over the weekend, but cast members haven't been informed yet.

Cancellation speculation started when MTV did not film a reunion special.

In addition, ratings for season two, which features cast members Rachel, Kiaya Elliot, Ashley Siren, Kayla Sessler and Brianna Jaramillo, have been poor.

The show’s second season premiered in October with 410,000 viewers.

Viewership dropped to 350,000 by the second episode.

The season finale brought in 470,000 viewers.

The show’s highest-rated episode was 900,000 during the first half of season one.

As for the other shows in the franchise, Teen Mom OG returns on March 17, while Teen Mom 2 cast members are currently filming for the upcoming season.

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