'The Challenge': Laurel Stucky Says Rumor Has It Paulie Calafiore Is Using Cara Maria Sorbello for Fame

MTV’s The Challenge is coming back in 2020, and fans can’t wait to see which veteran players are going to take their shot at the big money prize once again. While we’re quite familiar with Wes Bergmann and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio as the top dogs of the competition, Cara Maria Sorbello is just as notable. The champion is an amazing competitor and total beast in eliminations. But her relationship with fellow competitor Paulie Calafiore is giving many fans and competitors pause.

Now, it’s Sorbello’s long-time-friend-turned-enemy Laurel Stucky who’s speaking out against Sorbello’s relationship. Here’s what Stucky said about Calafiore and all the rumors that suggest Calafiore might be using Sorbello for fame.

Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore had a rough start to their relationship

Sorbello and Calafiore had an instant connection when they first met each other on the show. “And so we were hanging out in the hotel before The Challenge and there was just a good vibe with him. I really liked him, I was drawn to him,” Sorbello told Betches regarding when she first met Calafiore during Final Reckoning. “When I was going through all that crap with Kyle he took me into the living room and danced with me, he just made me happy.”

Unfortunately, Calafiore had a girlfriend when he met Sorbello. But they continued their romance anyway, which led to a ton of drama with Danielle Maltby, the girl Calafiore ended up leaving behind.

Maltby and Sorbello eventually had a conversation regarding Calafiore. According to Maltby, Calafiore was making plenty of false promises behind her back to Sorbello. And Sorbello later found out that even though Calafiore left Maltby for her, he was still keeping contact. All of this deeply threatened Sorbello and Calafiore’s connection.

Many ‘Challenge’ competitors think Sorbello’s changed since dating Calafiore

Sorbello’s dated multiple people from The Challenge, but it seems her relationship with Calafiore really put her on the outs with others. Nany González and Laurel Stucky have spoken out about Sorbello’s changed personality. And so has Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

Devenanzio has known Sorbello for years. And he told People that his relationship with Sorbello seemed to shift. “Our relationships changed and there really is a darkness that’s come over her recently that I think has changed our relationship,” Devenanzio said.

Devenanzio also voiced that he felt sorry for Sorbello when Calafiore started to show his true colors at the beginning of their relationship. “ara Maria found herself in an unfortunate position with a very sociopathic, narcissistic human being, and I feel bad for her,” Devenanzio told HollywoodLife. “I just hope one of these days she comes to her senses and realizes that everything this guy is doing is self-centered and trying to capitalize off her notoriety and her fame.”

Laurel Stucky says rumors suggest Calafiore is using Sorbello

Calafiore and Sorbello are still going strong. While they don’t post much about their relationship to social media anymore, they do appear in each other’s Instagram Stories from time to time. But Stucky told PeopleTV that some think Calafiore’s just in the relationship for fame.

PeopleTV asked Stucky to give her honest opinion of Calafiore. She stated she doesn’t know him well enough to judge, but she offered a few opinions. “He’s dating Cara, I’ve heard some bad things about how they started their relationship. So, I mean, that’s questionable.” Stucky then added that it seems “codependent” and “there’s also some rumors that he’s dating Cara just to get his name out there because he’s a fan of the show. But this is all hearsay.”

We’re not sure if Sorbello has anything to say about that. Either way, we’re sure Calafiore and Stucky will keep their distance in the future.

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