The Chase: Shaun Wallace snaps at Bradley Walsh interruption ‘Haven’t finished!’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh tells Shaun to ‘liven up’ in 2020

The Chase gave ITV viewers another chance to a Coronation Street special tonight with the stars of soap coming on to beat the Chaser and win money for their chosen charities. Kym Marsh, Jack Shepherd, Daniel Brocklebank, Shelley King made up the team who went head to head against Shaun ‘Dark Destroyer’ Wallace. 

The soap stars didn’t get off to the best start as Shelley took on the Chaser first. 

On her first question, she ran out of time before she could give an answer. 

“Good start that Shelley, well played,” joked Bradley.

As the answer she would have given was wrong, she worried: “Am I nearly off now?”

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“Don’t worry, two more questions, then you’ll be,” mused the Chaser. 

However, after the next question, he would be the one feeling butt-hurt.

After both Shaun and Shelley both answered right to the question “2019 marked what anniversary of the maiden flight of Concorde?” Shaun started to explain the story behind it.

“It was flown by Brian Trubshaw who was the first Concorde pilot,” he started, before Bradley moved on the next question. 

“I’m not finished,” snapped the Chaser. 

“Holy Smoley! Liven up! Chop chop!” replied Bradley. “What else did you want to say?” he then asked. 

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The Chaser’s pride was hurt and he didn’t say anything anymore. 

On the following question about the Greek island where Theseus escaped the labyrinth, the Chaser was asked if he had ever been to Greece, and only shared with Bradley “Yes, I have been to Greece several times.”

However, it was Shelley who was about to shut up Shaun for good. 

After a question about French translations, she told Bradley in perfect French how she speaks the language just as well as English. 

At that point, the Chaser did not have anything more to add that would trump the Corrie star. 

All four celebs made it to the final chase with £20,000 and managed to secure £5,000 each for their chosen charity. 

After an amazing run on the Chase, it was time for the team to return to the Cobbles. 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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