'The First Time': Anna Kendrick and Cody Heller

While most fans will forever remember Anna Kendrick for her “Cups” song from 2012 film Pitch Perfect, the actress has gone on to plenty of other musical movies, including Trolls World Tour, in which she plays big-haired perky pixie Poppy opposite Justin Timberlake’s Branch (the movie is currently available on demand).

For her latest turn, she’s joined forces with writer and creator Cody Heller for her Quibi dramedy Dummy. The streaming series is loosely based on Heller’s relationship with Dan Harmon, and it stars Anna Kendrick as Cody who discovers her boyfriend Dan (Donal Logue) has a sex doll.

For our latest “The First Time” video interview series, the duo answered our burning questions — first albums, being starstruck, getting high — and, determined to stay on message, about the first time they each “met” a sex doll.

“I had seen sex dolls, but I had never been formally introduced to one,” Heller explains. “We were all, like, giggling school kids and immediately looked at her vagina, obviously…”

“The boobs felt so good,” Kendrick continues, “This is a great product; everyone should have one. Then we tried to move her around… And she’s impossible to move.”

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