'The Office' Alum John Krasinski Revealed How He's Different From Jim Halpert

John Krasinski skyrocketed to fame as the lovable, nice guy Jim Halpert from The Office. Though he’s proving himself as a skilled director with A Quiet Place and the highly-anticipated sequel, Krasinski is still thought of as the Dunder Mifflin salesman. While the actor and character may have shared some similarities, Krasinski pointed out a major difference.

Jim Halpert wasn’t a risk taker

In a previous interview with Time, Krasinski was asked how he differed from his character on The Office. He noted that Jim never seemed to go outside of his comfort zone.

“I think the thing about Jim is that he’s very rarely willing to take chances,” Krasinski said in 2009. “He’s more comfortable being in a stable job where he’s paid what he’s paid and he does what he does, even though I think that there’s something bubbling beneath him that wants him to go somewhere else.”

While Kransinski understood the mindset of not wanting to shake things up, he viewed himself as more willing to roll the dice.

“I hope that I’m the type of guy who, when I have a big idea or a big aspiration, I at least give it a shot,” he remarked.

‘The Office’ was a ‘family’

When the NBC show was getting ready to wrap in 2013, Krasinski shared how the cast members were much more than just colleagues.

“I think for so many people this wasn’t just a job, and there’s no way it could be just a job,” he told the Daily Actor. “This was a huge incredibly emotional family and connection that we all had.”

The 13 Hours star described the bond he shared with his co-stars, and how they were all motivated to bring their A game to the sitcom each week.

“I mean, to say it was emotional would be a complete understatement,” Krasinski continued. “I think that, you know, knowing that we’ll see these people still in our lives, and it was still that emotional, it says a lot about how much we are all defined by this show and how much we honor how defined we are by the show.”

John Krasinski is fine with being known for ‘The Office’

Though Krasinski has several directing credits to his name as well as starring in a slew of films, he predicted his main claim to fame will always be his role as Jim Halpert. Most of his co-stars expected the same type of recognition despite their future roles.

“I think no matter what any of us go on to do, I think that this show will probably be, you know, what we’re most known for,” he commented. “And that’s incredible.”

Krasinski expressed his gratitude for the impact The Office had on viewers, and treasured the show’s devoted fan base.

“I think for people to feel so good about that and feel that they were a part of something so special, not only in the television world, but in their personal lives, was massive,” he said. “It’s a part of your life that defined you…  I think that we’re just all so proud of the work.”

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