The Simpsons–Watch A Clip Of Kevin Feige Playing Thanos Parody Chinnos

The Simpsons will air “Bart the Bad Guy” on Sunday, March 1, an episode that will parody the Marvel Cinematic Universe–specifically, the last two Avengers movies, Infinity War and Endgame. In anticipation of the episode, Fox has released a clip from it, showing off Kevin Feige’s appearance as Thanos parody Chinnos.

The episode, which also features Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo, will involve Bart accidentally seeing a superhero film before its release and becoming “Spoiler-Boy”, with the power to spoil the movie for everyone else.

Judging from this clip, voice acting might not be Feige’s greatest talent–but we’ll forgive him, especially since the next wave of Marvel films is aiming for greater diversity.

Variety is also reporting that Cobie Smulders (who plays Agent Maria Hill in the Marvel movies) will feature in the episode as Hydrangea. Her husband, Taran Killam, will also voice a character named Airshot, and YouTube star Tal Fishman will play “Reaction Guy”. The episode will also star Joe Mantegna, who voices Fat Tony.

Variety’s article also has some exclusive screenshots from the episode, showing off some of these characters as they’ll appear in the episode.

The majority of The Simpsons is available on Disney Plus–here’s our list of essential episodes.

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