There's Only 1 'Modern Family' Character Outside of the Family Who Appears in Every Season

He might not be the smartest, but Haley Dunphy still loves Dylan. This character reappears in multiple episodes of Modern Family, eventually marrying into this crazy, extended family. 

Here’s what we know about this character and his role in ABC’s comedy series.

Viewers first met Dylan on the first episode of ‘Modern Family’

All of the kids in this extended family have their own unique hobbies and personalities. Alex Dunphy is super smart. Luke Dunphy is… creative and imaginative. The oldest of Phil and Claire’s children, though, is mostly interested in fashion and being popular. At least at first. 

When viewers first meet Haley, she’s “in love” with her boyfriend, Dylan, an older guitar player who is equally as obsessed with her. This character, portrayed by Reid Ewing, unfortunately, ends his relationship with Haley multiple times throughout this comedy series. However, he keeps finding ways back into her life. 

As a result, aside from members of the extended family, Dylan Marshall is the only character who appears in all 11 seasons of ABC’s comedy, Modern Family. He does eventually join the family, though, by marrying Haley.

Dylan and Haley eventually get married

With Dylan finally getting a serious job and these two having twins together, Dylan and Haley got married in the Dunphy living room during the season 10 episode “Can’t Elope.” It was no surprise to fans, though, that Haley’s dad can legally marry them. 

Thanks to the internet, Phil is also the Reverend Philip Humphrey Dunphy, and he previously married Mitch and Cam during a two-part episode. Haley and Dylan eventually moved into Mitch and Cam’s old house with their kids. 

“There are so many amazing mothers who are also hard workers and excel at their jobs and kill it every day in both aspects,” Sarah Hyland said of her character’s ending with Dylan during an interview with Cosmopolitan. “That would have been a really cool thing to see, especially from someone like Haley.”

Haley Dunphy had a few other boyfriends in this comedy series

Even though Haley and Dylan end up having kids, getting married, and moving in together, the character had a few other boyfriends throughout Modern Family. There was Andy, Gloria and Jay’s “manny” who was a bit of a goofball. She also dated a weatherman who eventually proposed to her. Of course, Haley said no.

After popping into one of Alex’s lectures at CalTech, Haley starts dating one of her sister’s professors, Dr. Arvin Fennerman. That doesn’t work out and eventually, Alex admits she has feelings for the same person.

This series has since come to an end, fans can watch clips featuring Sarah and Dylan, including the music video for Dylan’s original song “Do Me (In the Moonlight)” on YouTube.

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