Tiger King’s John Finlay is unrecognizable as he reveals veneers, glasses and beard to baffled fans in bonus episode – The Sun

TIGER King's John Finlay looked unrecognizable in the bonus episode of the Netflix documentary.

Joe Exotic's ex-husband, who previously said he looked like a "drugged-up hillbilly", had fans praising his "glow-up" as he showed off his veneers, glasses and beard in the series' follow-up episode.

John explained to host Joe McHale: “It took a while to get them, but once I actually got them it took me a while to get them to where I was able to really wear them."

The Netflix star – who lost some of his teeth due to a meth addiction – added that he "pretty much" wears his new teeth "all the time" now.

Joe was in shock over John's transformation, telling him: "You look like a character out of a… a mythical cowboy," as John said he "loved" the comparison.

Viewers were obsessed with John's "hot" new look, flooding social media to express their admiration.

One remarked: "WHAT A GLOW UP!"

Another added: "John Finlay lowkey fine in this tiger king update."

A third wrote: ""Did y’all watch the updated episode of Tiger King?? John Finlay got…hot."

The Netflix star actually got his teeth fixed in June 2019 but claimed producers didn't show scenes with his new teeth in the final cut of Tiger King.

He wrote on Facebook last month: "Yes I have my teeth fixed.

"The producers of the Netflix series had video and pictures of this, but chose not to show it."

He's so happy with his new look that he reckons Channing Tatum should play him in a film adaptation of the seven-part series.

John appeared in the series as one third of a "throuple" with Joe Exotic and Travis Maldonado, who killed himself.

He is now working as a welder and loved-up with his fiancee Stormey.

When asked what it was like telling Stormey about being married to Joe Exotic, John said she took it well as they are open and share everything with each other.

And speaking about his life after Tiger King, he told People: "I used to have a lot of pent-up negative thoughts and bad aura about myself. I just quit thinking about the past and the negative stuff that's happened to me.

"It's time to really think about the kids and my future and stuff and use this thing for something good not just to be, 'Hey, I have a personal gain now. It's all about me.' It's not all about me. It's about other people too."

John recently revealed he is "six years clean" after his meth addiction and now wants to work with "the youth about drugs and abuse."

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