Towie's James Lock claims Pete Wicks 'made a mistake' by having sex with pal Chloe Sims

JAMES Lock has claimed his best mate Pete Wicks made a mistake by sleeping with their TOWIE co-star Chloe Sims.

The reality TV hunk says the on-off lovers now need to deal with the consequences of their romance.

But despite his doubts James, who also goes by 'Lockie', still believes Pete and Chloe could make a great committed couple if they wanted to.

"Personally I don't think they should have done it but each to their own. They are both adults and they did do it," Lockie told The Sun Online.

"I don't really know if they regret it. I'm not really sure where either of their heads are at to be honest.

"They now need to deal with it and move on whichever way they can. It is what it is."

Sunday night's explosive episode of the ITVBe reality show saw the fall-out of The Sun Online's revelation that BFFs Pete and Chloe had been in a secret sexual relationship for two years.

The on-off romance was also a huge surprise to most of their clueless TOWIE co-stars.

On Wednesday night it was revealed that Chloe was sleeping with Pete before her short romance with Dan Edgar last February – which she went on to call a "revenge rebound".

Stunned fans saw Chloe tells Georgia Koulousou: "I know I wasn't innocent. I knew what I was doing was a bit revengeful. I had to hold my hands up to that and face the consequences.

"But it wasn't about Dan, he was the rebound, it was all about Pete. Love just sends you completely out of your head."

And while the truth shocked many, Lockie revealed he'd been keeping the affair secret for his best mate.

"I obviously knew ages ago but it wasn't my place to say anything," he said.

"I'm his mate and would never betray his trust like that. Loose lips sink ships."

Giving a possible future romance the thumbs up Lockie said: "It could work if they can both put each other's pasts behind them and both decide to commit properly.

"If they did that then why not? But it's down to them whether they can do that or even want to do that."

Lockie's girlfriend Yaz Oukhellou and Chloe's friend Olivia Attwood also backed the lovers to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Yaz said: "There is so much chemistry and passion there.

"The hopeless romantic in me wishes they would give it a go. It's just a s**t situation for both of them to be in though.

"I have been in that situation myself and it's hard to make the right decision."

Olivia said: "People may say they are too close to be friends but then who is anyone to judge.

"It is up to them two to work out what is best for them. I just love them both to bits and want them to get on.

"I think it would be really sad for them to lose a friendship like that."

But fellow TOWIE star Chloe Brockett said she felt sorry for a heartbroken Chloe Sims.

She added: "I have sympathy for Chloe over the Pete situation. We have all been in the situation where you love someone and the feelings are not reciprocated in the same way.

"I didn't know anything about it. I was surprised as I just thought they were close friends.

"But I do feel sorry for her. I think every girl can sympathise with her."

  • Towie continues this Sunday 11 October at 9pm on ITVBe

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