Trevor Noah Says Biden Owes Black Voters “Wakanda Forever” Salute After Super Tuesday

Despite voting glitches in parts of Southern California and results too close to call in Maine and Texas at 11:59 p.m. ET, both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders walked away with bragging rights after Super Tuesday.

Tonight on The Daily Show’s special live election edition, host Trevor Noah sifted through the results and the similarities between the two Democratic presidential contenders.

“This is the big night when Democrats in 14 states across America will decide whether the Democratic nominee should be an old man or an even older man,” Noah quipped.

While Sanders won his home state of Vermont, along with Utah, Colorado and crown jewel California — with its 415 delegates — Biden also had a very good night after picking up Minnesota, Massachusetts and several Southern states.

“Tonight is all about Joe Biden because black voters just put him over the top all across the South,” Noah said.

Biden won Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

“Right now black people are embracing Biden so hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if he rolls up to his next debate speech just like “Wakanda for– you know the thing,” Noah joked, referring to the former VP’s recent gaffe in which he botched a quote from the Declaration of Independence but attempted to recover by telling supporters “you know the thing.”

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