Vicky McClure reveals ‘painful’ truth behind explosive Line of Duty car chase scenes with Kelly Macdonald

LINE of Duty's Vicky McClure has revealed the "painful" truth behind the explosive car chase scenes filmed with Kelly Macdonald.

The actress, who plays DI Kate Fleming in the BBC One cop drama, spilled the beans on the behind-the-scenes stunts from the latest instalment.

BBC One viewers were blown away by the incredible car chase scenes, and even tipped Vicky to be the next James Bond in the 007 franchise.

Despite the impressive looking chase, Vicky took to social media to reveal the heartbreaking news that she never got to drive the car and it was all shot on green screens.

The actress shared a smiling photo of her alongside chief superintendent Jo Davidson from inside the car.

Vicky then shared a second snap of the car on set in a studio placed in front of a green screen.

Alongside the post, she wrote: "It pains me to say (swipe across) that’s as far as we got! ??.

"I was well up for the challenge but we did everything by the letter of the law! The letter! ?

"Amazing stunts & special effects team!! ? Thanks TV for making me look cool & taller!

"Now just one more week to go for the big finale! ?"

BBC viewers were glued to their screens as they watched Kate's desperately to evade the police with Jo as a passenger – all the while in DI Steve Arnott's car.

One fan posted: "Loved it ❤️ that whole scene made my heart race. And I’ve never been so happy to see 2 characters alive."

Another wrote: "Ha, I'd be raging I didn't get it out on the open road. Mind you having seen your Top Gear lap, possibly safer for Kelly that ye stayed there ? Great episode. The scene with you and Anna MM was very good ❤️."

A third added: "All I did was shout ‘yes Kateeee!’ with that driving ?."

Last week's epic cliffhanger saw PC Ryan Pilkington and DI Kate Fleming draw their guns on each other.

This week, viewers found out that dodgy copper PC Ryan Pilkington had been killed by DI Kate Fleming after shooting him twice in the chest.

Kate fled the scene with Jo Davidson, prompting DCS Patricia Carmichael to launch a search for the pair's whereabouts stating they were "armed and dangerous".

While some impressive car skills were shown, it all ended in an armed stand-off and Kate had to give herself up.

Last night Line of Duty's Gregory Piper has said an emotional goodbye to the show after Ryan Pilkington was shot dead saying: "I had it coming."

He posted a lengthy tribute to the show on Instagram, some of which read: "If only they had got him a Big Mac. PC Ryan 'The bent b*****d' Pilkington' over and out.

"What an experience. It's not lost on me how lucky I am. Jed Mercurio gave me an absolute gift with Ryan, his scenes and character journey have been the stuff of dreams and I'm so grateful."

Fans rejoiced as evil Ryan was shot dead – but escaped grilling by AC-12. The crooked copper met his end after confessing to multiple murders on the show.

Line of Duty series six comes to an end this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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