Vikings season 6: Lagertha star lands huge new role following character’s death

Vikings fans experienced a tragedy back in the first half of season six. Once it was announced the History show would be coming to an end, fans began to worry for the safety of their favourite characters. In particular, fears began surrounding Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) being on the chopping block.

And, unfortunately for fans of the shield maiden, she did meet her end in the first few episodes.

After battling in a war, Lagertha returned to Kattegat wounded, but alive.

In a daze from his grief, Hvitserk (Marco Ilso) tracked the wounded warrior down, and – whilst imagining she was a giant serpent – killed Lagertha in cold blood.

Fans watched in despair as the former queen of Kattegat died on her own in the rain, and Hvitserk seemingly got away with the murder.


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To make matters worse, Hvitserk was later released by Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), allowing him to get away and reunite with Ivar the Boneless.

Thankfully, fans of the show will be able to see Lagertha star Katheryn once again in the coming months.

According to Deadline, Katheryn has signed on to a brand new show, titled The Big Sky.

Katheryn will reportedly be going into the show opposite Ryan Phillippe, who is best known for appearing in TV show Shooter.

The ABC show has been ordered straight-to-series, and is going to be produced by David. E. Kelley.

The series follows an ex-police officer, Jenny Hoyt – who will be played by Katheryn – looking for two sisters who have been kidnapped by a truck driver.

The series is based on the book The Highway, written by C.J. Box.

With Vikings coming to an end in the coming years, viewers will at least be able to see their favourite actor arrive on screen once again on ABC.

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Meanwhile, fans have recently been pointing out some of the Kievan Rus characters have had inconsistent accents.

One Reddit user, DJ_Bambusbjorn, recently wrote: “Does anyone know how accurate the accents of the Kievan Rus are?

“Prince Oleg to me sounds like some American dude trying to pull off a Bulgarian accent. It’s the only thing bothering me about the Rus.”

They added: “Katja’s accent sounds like an authentic Ukrainian one.”


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However, many fans disagreed, with one writing: “I don’t know whose is good or bad, but it bothers me a lot that they don’t match or even sound similar.”

But another wrote: “Oleg’s actor is Russian, so I’m really not sure. Sounded fine to me!”

Others speculated that, as the accents were ancient, there was no way of knowing how the show’s accents are accurate at all.

Vikings season 6 is expected to continue later this year History and Amazon Prime Video.

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