Who are DaniLeigh's parents?

R&B artist and dancer DaniLeigh has become a household name since signing with Def Jam Records in 2017.

The Latina artist has collaborated with a number of big name rappers including, YG, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, Chris Brown and G-Eazy.

Who are DaniLeigh's parents?

DaniLeigh, whose real name is Danielle Leigh Curiel, is the daughter of Vladimir and Vicky Curiel.

Her parents are from the Dominican Republic.

Her mother and father are a working-class family living in Washington Heights.

DaniLeigh said her parents installed ambition and an eviable work ethic in her.

“My dad always says, ‘Whatever you put in, you’ll get out of it.’ So that’s the mentality I’ve always had for myself,” she said in a interview with Remezcla.

Why is DaniLeigh facing criticism?

DanieLeigh shared a clip to her upcoming song Yellow Bone on Instagram and was called out for colorism.

She defended herself and asked why she can't make a song for her "light skin baddies."

"Why y'all think I'm hating on other colors when there are millions of songs speaking on all types.. why y'all so sensitive & take it personal.. gahhhh damn," she wrote on Instagram.

Things still didn't sit well with some folks, so DaniLeigh issued an apology.

“Congratulations y’all gotta another thing to say about me when u hate … it’s all good .. only God can “cancel” me… that shit don’t mean shit to me bc the people around me are the ones that know my heart and intention and real-life … I’m sorry if I offended u," she wrote on Twitter.

Who is DaniLeigh's dating?

DaniLeigh is dating rapper DaBaby.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby worked together when she choreographed his music video for BOP on Broadway at the end of 2019.

DaBaby then featured on DaniLeigh’s single, Levi High.

Rumors about the couple's relationship status had been going on of 2020, and they particularly amped up when the mother of DaBaby's daughter said they were together.

In December 2020, DaniLeigh posted a picture of them together with her arms around the fellow rapper, and captioned the post with, "My baby idc".

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