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CAITLYN Jenner has been very open about her transition to a woman in April 2015.

The Olympian inspired many, including her friend, Sophia Hutchins.

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How old is Sophia Hutchins?

Caitlyn Jenner’s roommate is 24-year-old Sophia Hutchins.

Sophia is also a transgendered woman and ventured into business, coming up with an odourless SPF 50+ sunscreen mist that can be applied after make-up.

Are Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins dating?

Aspiring model Sophia, formerly known as Scott, transitioned when sports lover Caitlyn encouraged her to “establish her own identity”.

The pair became pals when Caitlyn transitioned in 2015, and rumors went wild about the nature of their romance as they live together in Malbiu.

In July 2018, Sophia confirmed she is dating the former Olympian and reality star, 70, previously known as Bruce Jenner.

However, in November 2020, Caitlyn's gal pal Sophia insisted their relationship is "not sexual" and that they have never been romantically involved.

The 24-year-old Sophia opened up on their partnership, insisting they are just "business" partners, and that the former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is "like a parent figure."

"Well, we are girlfriends, but we're not like 'girlfriends'. You know what I mean? We're very good friends," she told podcast Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef.

"To me, Caitlyn is like a parent figure, but also now we have business together. So, you know, we work together so it's interesting. It really is family, that's the best way to describe it.

"It was never sexual. "

Does Sophia talk to Caitlyn's daughters?

Khloe Kardashian admitted she speaks to Caitlyn Jenner "every blue moon" as she is always so "busy".

Insisting there was "no beef" between the pair, the 36-year-old mom-of-one opened up about her relationship with her former stepfather.

The Good American founder spoke about her dynamic with Caitlyn, 71: "I talk to Sophia very seldomly and Caitlyn probably like every blue moon. But it's just because we're busy, there's Covid."

"It's not like – there's no beef," she concluded, as she went on to discuss the relationship between momager Kris, 65, and her former ex husband.

"I just feel like that dynamic has been through so much, and I think it's taken mom a really long time to get to where she is now emotionally.

Sister Kim, 40, also weighed in on the conversation, admitting she speaks to Caitlyn and partner Sophia Hutchins "every once in a while".

"I speak to Caitlyn every once in a while," the mom-of-four told ex brother-in-law Scott Disick. "Definitely like super supportive and checks in but I'm so busy."

The sisters came together in a confessional for the preview of the episode to conclude mom Kris had her "fair share of hurt" in the relationship.

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