Why 'Vikings' Fans Still 'Praise' Travis Fimmel's Portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok

Fans of the hit series Vikings have nothing but praise for Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok. As the main character of an iconic series, he played the part well and viewers are still talking about it even after he’s been off the show for a number of years. Read on to learn why fans still have great things to say about the character as well as the actor who plays him.

Fans enjoy rewatching older episodes when Ragnar Lothbrok rules

If you’re a fan of Vikings, then chances are you’verewatched the series once or twice. It’s understandable considering howmesmerizing Ragnar is as the King of Kattegat. Reddit is full of immenseappreciation for Ragnar Lothbrok and it’s clear to see why.

“In praise of Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of Ragnar,” thepost is titled. “I’ve been rewatching the entire series, renewing myappreciation for Travis Fimmel’s portrayal of Ragnar, especially hisphysicality,” a Reddit user noted. “There’s Ragnar’s ever-present grin, as ifhe knows something no one else does and has always got an ace in his backpocket. Then there’s the way he carries himself: Like an apex predator.”

Ragnar isn’t the “typical hero” either. He’s flawed and cursed with a curiosity about all things. He never just accepts the way things are, but strives for more. Somehow, this comes out in everything he does. He takes over the scene and changes up the dynamic of the show.

“It would have been very easy to play the character straight as a typical hero, but Fimmel‘s Ragnar is an eccentric, a man with unusual curiosity for a Viking, one who doesn’t blindly accept the idea that his people, their gods, and their culture are superior to others,” the Reddit user continued.

Travis Fimmel does an excellent job of showing Ragnar aging over the years

What makes the part of Ragnar even harder to portray is thathis story spans over decades. He has to age over time and it’s clear to fansthroughout the seasons that they’re watching an aging man come to terms withhis life and the decisions he’s made.

“One of my favorite bits of Fimmel’s acting was how hereally made you believe (at least me) that Ragnar was aging,” another Reddituser expressed. “His effortless vitality and speed is definitely on display inseasons 1 and 2. By the end of season 3 and into 4 however, he’s slowing,grunting, and just moving with more purpose.”

People can’t stop saying nice things about Fimmel’s portrayalof Ragnar Lothbrok. “Travis Fimmel’s performance is just spectacular. The showis great with and without Ragnar but there’s no doubt that he’s a missedcharacter. I just can’t imagine anyone else playing him,” a Reddit user said.

Even the actors who play Ragnar’s sons act like him

Another user brought up an excellent point about Ragnar’ssons. Once they are grown, each one seems to have their own mannerisms that aresimilar to their father’s in a lot of ways.

“If you really watch, when the sons of Ragnar are grown, theactors do their best to mimic some of Fimmel’s Ragnar in their characters,” auser wrote. “Ubbe uses his eyes and face a lot like Ragnar. Bjorn moves hishead and shoulders like Ragnar does. Even Ivar shares some moments when he isin battle or under stress where he looks and speaks like Ragnar.”

Fans of Vikings have an obvious appreciation forTravis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok. He’s dearly missed on a show that he made sogreat.

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