Wonder Woman 1984 has great CGI fight scenes and Gal Gadot is heroic – but the film lacks a real plot

Wonder Woman 1984

12A (151 mins)

GAL Gadot is back on heroic form in this 80s-set sequel to her 2017 introduction as Wonder Woman but while the film is heavy on the CGI action, it’s pretty light on plot.

The year is 1984, where the consumerism culture of wanting more is thriving but the Amazonian princess has been living under the radar working at the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC.

She’s still mourning the death of her lover Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who perished during World War I, but after she becomes pals with awkward colleague Dr. Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) the pair discover an artefact that has the suspicious ability to grant a person’s deepest wish.

When the mysterious object falls into the hands of Trump-like oil salesman Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), Wonder Woman is forced to suit up and discover the truth behind this dangerous power before it devastates civilisation as she knows it.

The action set-pieces in this second offering of the series are exciting to behold – however, writer-director Patty Jenkins should retire the slow-mo bullet trope.

The screen sizzle with the chemistry between Gadot and Pine who make a superb pairing.

But by bringing Wonder Woman's pilot lover back while trying to establish two major villains, the entire film often feels pretty bloated in storylines.

Cheetah’s reason for becoming Cheetah is thin, though Wiig executes her transformation from shy nerd into confident predator well.

Pascal’s increasingly manic performance is entertainingly desperate but by the film’s final act, his antagonistic descent and its effect on the world becomes increasingly messy as Jenkins tries to resolve a positive universal message.

A good somewhat clichéd sequel and not as wonderful as her OG outing.

In cinemas now.


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