Wrestler Samoa Joe Suspended For WWE's Wellness Policy Violation

Raw superstar Samoa Joe is the second WWE wrestler as of late to receive a 30-day suspension for violating the company’s wellness policy. Joe’s suspension began on February 24, which explains why he wasn’t on television for that night’s episode of Raw.

WWE revealed the news in a tweet that’s pretty cut and dry about said suspension. There is no more information available. In fact, the announcement on WWE’s website says the exact same thing as the tweet.

At the end of January, Andrade was also suspended for his first violation of the company’s wellness policy as well. He is currently the United States Champion, and WWE did not strip him of his title. PW Insider (via Ringside News) reported that Andrade was in Winnepeg recently, speculating that he’ll be travelling to Saudi Arabia to appear on Super Showdown on February 27.

According to insider Hugo Savinovich, if a wrestler doesn’t or can’t show up to a testing facility, they automatically fail. Reportedly, Andrade’s suspension was a complicated matter as he didn’t take the test, so he failed (via Ringside News). The same thing happened recently with Primo Colon, who was in Puerto Rico during his time to get tested, and he couldn’t get to a facility–so he failed–and he was suspended.

As for Samoa Joe’s situation, there’s no information aside from the news WWE released. Joe will not be involved in Super Showdown nor will he be available for the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday, March 8. Joe’s suspension will be lifted in time for this year’s Wrestlemania, which takes place in Tampa on Sunday, April 5.

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