Baby dies after she climbed into pan of boiling water and ‘parents took her to "quack healer" instead of hospital’

A LITTLE girl who fell into a pot of boiling water suffered an excruciating death after her parents refused to take her to hospital.

Two-year-old Lesya Gorova suffered severe burns to her lower body after she slipped and landed in a metal basin filled with scalding water left out by her parents.

The tot was playing with her twin brother and older sister, four, when the incident occurred in the Ukraine village of Grygorivka.

Reports say the mother, Dasha Gorova, 18, and father, Ivan Gorov, 29, decided against taking her to hospital and instead chose to treat their child with herbal remedies.

The tot suffered excruciating pain five days before her grandmother came for a visit and rushed her to hospital.

The woman was reportedly shocked with the child’s condition and immediately called an ambulance.

The youngster was rushed off with serious burns to her legs, buttocks, back and stomach.

But it was too late and Lesya died on August 2, almost ten days after being admitted to hospital.

“The child died because she received proper treatment too late,” a source said.

The parents are now being investigated by the police and are facing premeditated murder charges.

Cops are trying to determine if the careless parents were attempting to cover up the incident.

The suspects face 15 years in prison if convicted. An investigation is ongoing.

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