Barack Obama privately telling fellow Democrats he ‘worries it could be hard’ to unite around Bernie Sanders – The Sun

FORMER president Barack Obama privately told fellow Democrats that he worries it could be hard to unite around Bernie Sanders, according to reports.

Despite Obama's opinions regarding the 2020 presidential election, the 58-year-old former president still seeks to unify Democrats.

Obama admitted that uniting the Democratic Party around the 78-year-old presidential candidate "could be difficult," an anonymous associate told The New York Times.

His alleged words come after Sanders had a huge Nevada caucus win that crushed his Democrat rivals.

The newspaper explained how Obama has kept away from playing favorites with presidential candidates.

Valerie Jarrett, a close friend and adviser of Obama, told The Times: “I think it would be political malpractice for any of the candidates not to closely associate themselves with the most popular person in the Democratic Party.

"South Carolina was one of the biggest and most important days of our campaign. People will always remember that.”

Last month, according to Fox Business, Obama told people close to him that Sanders, with his far-left socialist policies, is temperamentally and politically unfit to upend Trump.

Earlier this week a doctor reviewed letters from three physicians proving Sanders is fit for the Oval Office.


But the Democrat presidential hopeful's heart health documents, released in December, had the left ventricular ejection fraction excluded.

Making it seem as he's allegedly hiding critical information about his health after suffering a heart attack in October.

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