Bizarre Google Maps street view shows ‘floating man holding child’ – The Sun

A BIZARRE Google Maps picture has captured what appears to be a floating man.

The strange scene came from a Street View camera in Bangladesh.

Google Maps is hailed by users around the globe for its unique offering of digital exploration of locations – where users can navigate far away cities and towns as though they are actually there.

But it’s also offered some unusual and unexplained images from remote corners of the world.

Reddit user DowntownX spotted what appears to be a young man holding a child in a South Asian residential area.

The 360-degree image shows a man in a yellow t-shirt holding a small child in his arms.

The child, dressed in pink, wraps its arms around his neck.

Nothing appears out of the ordinary until users scroll down.

Shockingly, the man appears to be floating, with his legs completely missing.

DowntownX posted the photo this week, captioning it ‘Floating Man Found in Bangladesh,’ with users flocking to the comments to share their take on the bizzare image.

One user wrote: “Wow that’s confusing and so well cut together it looks like an incomplete photoshop.”

Another added: “I spent a good 2 minutes trying to find his legs.”

Someone else joked: “Must be wearing camo.” (sic)

However, eagle-eyed viewers pointed out the optical illusion is likely the result of a Google Maps glitch.

The man’s shadow does show his legs, indicating that the picture of his “floating” body was probably taken as a panorama photograph and uploaded to Google.

Google allows users to upload their own 360-degree images to certain locations provided they have an account and a 3D camera.

Google Maps creates the images by stitching together the 360 -degree image sets submitted by users, to create the final result which users can click their way around.

However, this can also create some unexpected results, particularly if an object moves in front of the lens or a part of the image is missing.

This is likely the case for the floating man in Bangladesh.

Elsewhere in the world, this kind of glitch has caused people to seemingly vanish and streets to warp into new dimensions.

Last year a mysterious “ghost” couple was spotted on Google Maps.

The “ghosts” were seen walking along Rue Saint Jean Baptiste of Quebec and appeared to have translucent bodies.

The woman was seen wearing a jacket, jeans and sunglasses, and walked alongside a male companion.

Thankfully, there was an explanation – the eerie image was caused by a photography glitch, which meant that the couple weren’t fully pictured by the Google Maps Car.

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