British Gas vows to replace phrase ‘gas man’ with ‘engineer’ in bid to attract more female recruits – The Sun

BRITISH Gas has vowed to scrap the phrase “gas man” in exchange for “engineer” in a bid to attract more female recruits.

The company says the title — ingrained into British culture — puts women off learning the trade.

Joanna Flowers, 40, has worked for British Gas for 12 years but said customers were still often stunned to see her.

She said: “Nine times out of ten when I arrive to fix a problem, the door is answered with a sense of shock that a woman has arrived to take a look.”

British Gas revealed that just one in six of its science, technology and engineering recruits last year were women.

It has contacted the publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, asking for “gas man” — first recorded in 1815 — to be removed.

An Oxford University Press spokesman said: “Both gas engineer’ and ‘gas man’ are in the OED.

“The OED is a historical dictionary, recording the evolution of the language.”

He said the term would not be removed but added: “If evidence shows that ‘gas man’ is no longer widely used it could be labelled as historical.”

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