Democrats have fix in against Bernie Sanders? Give me a break!

After Bernie Sanders complained in 2016 that the Democratic Party had put its thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton in their battle for the presidential nomination, he and his Bros grabbed hold of the Democratic Party and reworked its presidential nominating process in 2018 — a revision described by NBC’s Alex Seitz-Wald as “the most consequential reforms to the party’s nominating process since the 1980s.”

You might therefore think the Sandernistas wouldn’t have the chutzpah to complain in 2020 about how the race is shaking out — given that they wrote the party’s rule book.

Well, they do. In the annals of sore loserdom, it’s hard to beat some of the whiny bleats coming from the Sanders camp.

Take Bernie surrogate and nutcase former presidential candidate Marianne “Dark Psychic Forces” Williamson. She described Joe Biden’s 10-state win on Super Tuesday as the result of “a strategized, orchestrated plan to block someone deemed inconvenient to the political establishment.”

Nathan J. Robinson, who edits a magazine called Current Affairs, saw the evil hidden plot entire: “Bernie was on track to win, Biden had no campaign, and they all knew it. So a few phone calls were made behind the scenes to Amy, Pete, Beto. Several million was put into a pro-Warren Super PAC. Voila!”

The key sentence her is “they all knew it.” Who’s the “they” here?

The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, openly worked with the Bernie people to rewrite the rules in 2018 to benefit Sanders’ bid. Superdelegates, for instance, were stripped of much of their power. “They” did that.

Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg had already made it clear in their debate performances that they were in profound ideological disagreement with Sen. I Love Communist Literacy Programs (I-Vermont).

But had they endorsed Sanders, he would have welcomed their support. The only candidate whose support he had ruled out was Michael Bloomberg’s, which makes sense for a man who literally once said that “billionaires shouldn’t exist.”

Sanders loves endorsements. He himself profited at a key moment in his battle for the leftie lane against Elizabeth Warren last fall by securing the endorsements of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar — the Three Horsepersons of the Socioapocalypse.

Why wasn’t that a conspiracy to be resisted, Marianne Williamson — you know, the way you resist vaccinating kids?

There is no “they,” Bernie Bros, unless the “they” is made up of the astonishing numbers of African-American voters who went for Joe Biden in the Carolinas, Virginia and Texas especially.

Did mainstream Democrats jump on the Biden bandwagon the minute he sprang to electoral life in South Carolina? You bet they did. That’s called politics in a democracy. It’s about the least conspiratorial thing there is.

Force people to make a binary choice, which is pretty much what has happened in the Democratic Party, and they will choose the safest option. That ain’t Bernie.

But it’s OK. Maybe he can change the rules again since he apparently screwed up the last time.

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