Disturbing' UFO report 'can't rule out' aliens or Russian hypersonic technology – and world must wake up, says expert

THE world must ramp up its investigations into UFOs as the Pentagon’s “disturbing” report appears unable to rule out that foreign hypersonic technology could be behind the sightings, an expert claims. 

Intelligence officials cannot explain what dozens of reported sightings are but have appeared to rule out that the vast majority were not American military or other government technology.

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The report is likely to conclude that the sightings do not show evidence of alien spacecraft, according to the New York Times.

Skeptics within the UFO community think the aerial phenomena could’ve come from a rival power such as Russia or China amid fears that Moscow may have ramped up their testing of hypersonic technology.

Officials fear the US will be lagging behind its rivals as hypersonic missiles can travel about 4,000 miles per hour – making them almost impossible to intercept, MailOnline reports.

Nick Pope, a former official at the Ministry of Defence, branded the report's leaked conclusions "intriguing and disturbing".

He told The Sun: The possibility that some of what's been going on might be attributable to Russia or China is disturbing, and US and British spy chiefs need to step up their efforts to assess the current level of technology these nations possess when it comes to aircraft, missiles, and drones – particularly with regard to hypersonic technology.”

He said it’s not good enough that intelligence officials cannot identify what the objects are after receiving reports that they stalk Navy vessels.

The former MOD civil servant called on Washington and London to pool resources to address the security issue.

It comes as Senator Marco Rubio said the government report should be only the beginning of the US effort to look into mysterious flying objects.

He said: "Men and women we have entrusted with the defense of our country are reporting encounters with unidentified aircraft with superior capabilities.

"We cannot allow the stigma of UFOs to keep us from seriously investigating this. The forthcoming report is one step in that process, but it will not be the last."

Retired US Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, Sean Cahil, recently warned that the UFOs spotted likely possess technology that the US could not defend itself against.

He told CNN: "The technology that we witnessed with the Tic-Tac was something we would not have been able to defend our forces against at the time.

An unclassified version of the findings is set to be released to Congress by June 25.

The report is expected to contain everything the Government knows about "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena".

It will examine if UAPs constitute a threat to US airspace, according to  Deadline.

It's expected that recommendations for further UFO research and funding will be included within the dossier.

However, the final report will still include one classified annex, according to the Times.

Officials said that the annex will not contain any evidence of alien activity, but the fact that it must remain classified will likely fuel increased speculation.

Mr. Pope told The Sun that the public is likely to be "disappointed" when the report is presented to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He said: "I think they will be disappointed because the general public will not get to see much of anything."

He warned that the unclassified part of the document may feature phrases such as "territorial integrity of the US" and "incursions into restricted military areas".

The classified annex will not be available for the public and media to read.

There has been a renewed interest in the UFO debate ahead of the publication of the Pentagon report.

Barack Obama spoke about UFOs on The Late Late Show With James Corden last month.

He said: "What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are."

The former president said that "new religions would pop up" if alien life was confirmed.

Over recent months, several clips of classified Navy footage have been released that show mysterious flying objects hovering around military ships.

Most recently, footage emerged that showed a UFO buzzing around a US stealth ship near San Diego in 2004.

Commander Dave Fravor and Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich recalled the moment they saw an "unsettling" UFO that looked like a "Tic-Tac".

The pilots were training with a strike group flying over the Pacific Ocean when they saw the strange object.

And, an unusual orb was also caught stalking the USS Omaha in July 2019.

Back in December 2020, legislation passed by Congress required the Department of Defense and the National Intelligence Director to produce a report about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” within six months.

The request came after revelations in 2017 that the Pentagon was researching a series of unexplained intrusions into military airspace, including mysterious objects captured on video stalking US Navy ships.

Steve Bassett, the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, previously told The Sun the release of information about extra-terrestrial encounters may be the "most profound" moment in the history of mankind.

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