Fugitive male model arrested in Cambodia after posting lavish selfies

Fugitive British model who taunted police with pictures of his playboy lifestyle after he fled the UK when he was convicted of dealing steroids is arrested 6,000 miles away in Cambodia

  • Terrence Murrell, 31, fled the UK to avoid sentencing for dealing illegal steroids
  • He taunted police by regularly posting lavish selfies on social media accounts 
  • Murrell was arrested in Cambodia where he is now being held in custody 

A male model on the run from justice has finally been arrested 6,000 miles away in Cambodia, after mocking police with pictures of his playboy lifestyle.

Fugitive hunk Terrence Murrell, 31, fled Britain to Bali before he was due to be sentenced for dealing illegal steroids. 

But instead of keeping a low profile, Murrell taunted police with constant updates on social media. 

Murrell had been due to appear in court to be sentenced for dealing illegal drugs. Instead, he fled to Bali where he regularly posted lavish shots on social media profiles

Murrell has finally been caught in Cambodia where he will be extradited back to Britain once the coronavirus pandemic has subsided 

He regularly posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram pages with smirking shots in the sunshine.

He captioned one picture with friends: ‘The baddest men in Bali.’

Instead of serving time behind bars, Murrell has been flaunting his lavish lifestyle on social media

He also posed for pictures in an infinity pool, regular body shots of himself working out in a gym and using his laptop in a four-poster bed.

Many of the snaps were captioned: ‘Boss life.’

Instead of keeping a low-profile, Murrell would regularly snap provocative and luxurious shots of himself

A court heard Murrell had pocketed £220,000 from dealing in anabolic steroids

But Murrell was finally traced after he fled from Bali to Cambodia.

He is now being held in custody and will be transported back to face justice as soon as the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Murrell eventually admitted supplying class C drugs but failed to turn up for his sentencing hearing

A court heard Murrell was a leading member of a £2million steroid gang who shipped drugs from China to sell in the UK.

He told police he bought the drugs for himself as he ‘wanted to look his best as a male model’.

Prosecutor Sarah Badrawy said bank accounts showed Murrell had pocketed more than £220,000.

Drugs worth almost £2m had been seized and the gang were thought to have made £1.2m profit in two years.

Murrell later admitted supplying class C drugs in North Wales via websites but he failed to turn up for a sentencing hearing at Caernarfon Crown Court.

The paradise island of Bali in Indonesia is famed for its yoga and meditation retreats

A court heard that Murrell had been part of an extensive criminal operation which imported drugs from Hong Kong and China  

John Lyons, defending, said: ‘He has been prevaricating about his pleas for some time. He was always going to admit the offences but kept putting off the evil day.’ 

Murrell, from London, was jailed for 37 months in his absence and the court heard he was on the run in Indonesia.

Judge Huw Rees said: ‘He is living in the lap of luxury.’

He said that Murrell was part of ‘a very extensive criminal operation’ which imported the drugs from Hong Kong and China.

The fugitive regularly posted pictures of himself working out in a gym and flaunting his muscular physique

He added: ‘It is well known that anabolic steroids have been widely abused in sport, especially where an increase in muscle mass is required.

‘The administration of steroids often produces unwanted side effects, mood swings, over confidence, aggression, loss of libido and liver toxicity.’

Murrell was finally arrested 6,000 miles away in Cambodia after fleeing Britain to avoid sentencing 

A North Wales Police spokesman said officers are aware that Terence Murrell has been arrested in Cambodia.

He said: ‘We are currently working with colleagues from both the National Crime Agency and the Crown Prosecution Service to bring him back to the UK to serve out his sentence.

‘Due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, this will happen as soon as it is safe to do so.’  

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