Gambling addict husband 'threw acid on wife after she refused to let his friends gang rape her when he lost a bet'

A GAMBLING addict husband allegedly doused his wife with acid after she rejected his demand to let his pals rape her after losing a bet, say cops.

The twisted alcoholic, 36, had previously forced his wife, 30, to be raped in lieu of payment after racking up debts in India, allege police.

Her horrific ordeal was made public in Bhagalpur, with the Times of India reporting that on October 28 she was allegedly sexually assaulted by his pervert pals after he “lost her in a gambling bet”.

On Saturday, the woman’s husband lost yet another bout, and allegedly threw acid on her when she refused to be gang-raped yet again.

Fleeing their home in terror, she sought refuge at her parent’s home in a nearby village.

Local social activist Deepak Singh, who heard of her plight, took the alleged victim to the police station.

Cops from  Mojahidpur police station arrested her husband late Sunday night.

Muzahidpur police official Rajesh Kumar Jha told the Independent that the couple had been married for about ten years.

He added: “Her husband was into gambling and he lost her in a bet in late October.

"After that, he would send her to the gamblers against her wishes, where the men would rape her.

“If she ever resisted the sexual exploitation, her husband would beat her and hold her hostage.”

And when she recently rejected his demand to be gang-raped again by his pervert gambler mates, her husband became angry and tossed acid on her, the cop alleged.

He's since been arrested and charged with acid attack, gang rape, domestic violence and wrongful confinement.

The Times of India reports that the man allegedly "physically tortured" his wife as she struggled to become pregnant because of his booze addiction.

The man remains in custody. Neither he nor his wife have been publicly identified, in line with victim protection laws.

Police superintendent Ashish Bharti said that following a medical examination of the alleged victim, the case will go before court against her husband, and the accused rapists.

The wife's horrific experience adds to the spiralling number of assaults against females in India.

One female reported a rape every 15 minutes in India, shocking stats show.

The National Crime Records Bureau said there were 88 rape cases every day in 2019, with about 11 per cent of the victims from those in the lowest and poorest rank of society

The National Family Health Survey, conducted in 2015-16, revealed that 33 per cent of married women aged from 15-49 age experienced physical, sexual, or emotional spousal violence.

But, of these victims, only 14 per cent sought help and 77 per cent never spoke about it.

This year, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a nationwide WhatsApp number was launched by the National Commission of Women to provide an alternate method for women to report domestic abuse.

In September, a woman from the lowest rung of India’s caste system diedweeks after authorities said she was raped by a group of men.

She was left paralysed after four rapists assaulted her near her home in the city of Hathras, 60 miles south of Delhi.

Her tragic passing triggered protests in New Delhi with hundreds gathering at the hospital where her body lay.

Her case was the latest in a string of gruesome crimes against women in India that have given it the dismal reputation of being one of the worst places in the world to be female.

“There is next to no protection for women.

"Criminals are openly committing crimes,” Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a leader of the opposition Congress party, said on Twitter.

Last December, a 23-year-old Dalit woman died after being set ablaze by a gang of men as she made her way to a court in Uttar Pradesh to press rape charges.

How you can get help

Women’s Aid has this advice for victims and their families:

If you are a ­victim of domestic abuse, SupportLine is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 8pm on 01708 765200. The charity’s email support ­service is open weekdays and weekends during the crisis – [email protected]

  • Always keep your phone nearby.
  • Get in touch with charities for help, including the Women’s Aid live chat helpline and services such as SupportLine.
  • If you are in danger, call 999.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Silent Solution, reporting abuse without speaking down the phone, instead dialing “55”.
  • Always keep some money on you, including change for a pay phone or bus fare.
  • If you suspect your partner is about to attack you, try to go to a lower-risk area of the house – for example, where there is a way out and access to a telephone.
  • Avoid the kitchen and garage, where there are likely to be knives or other weapons. Avoid rooms where you might become trapped, such as the bathroom, or where you might be shut into a cupboard or other small space.

Women’s Aid provides a live chat service available. from 10am to noon.

You can also call the freephone 24-hour ­National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, please call the Samaritans for free on 116123.

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