Harvey Weinstein says he 'didn't assault or rape anyone' as he urges inner circle to keep fighting

HARVEY Weinstein insists he did not sexually assault or rape anyone as he continues to plead his total innocence.

The Hollywood sex fiend – awaiting a possible transfer to Riker’s Island –  has now urged his inner circle to keep fighting to clear his name.

Weinstein, who was convicted of sexual assault and rape on Monday, has been taken to hospital in Manhattan for treatment instead of a cell at the notorious prison.

Now his defense attorney Arthur Aidala has revealed he is steadfastly sticking by his story that he has done nothing wrong.

"Obviously, we all wish he was sleeping in his own bed right now… he was trying to motivate me and passing the message along to the rest of the team to keep fighting for him," Aidala told the Sun Online.

“He’s been consistent from the day I met him about his innocence, and he’s still very forceful in proclaiming that ‘I didn’t sexually assault anyone and I didn’t rape anyone.’”

Weinstein's spokesman Judah Engelmayer backed Aidala's assessment.

“He’s trying to keep high spirits,” he said. “He’s trying to keep his mind off his situation and he’s hoping that his team, his friends, his family still can maintain the fight for him.”

“He maintains his innocence and he still wants his chance to prove it,” Engelmayer added.

The 67-year-old is expected to report to Rikers soon where he will be alone in his cell, have round-the-clock surveillance cameras watching him and his every move monitored by prison wardens.

Even though Aidala has said his client is in "pretty good spirits"officials have told TMZ they are worried what would happen once he is transferred to the jail.

High-ranking employees of the Department of Corrections tell the outlet that they are concerned that another "Epstein Incident" could take place.

A source said: “If something happened to him – like Jeffrey Epstein – it would be an absolute catastrophe. Prison officials are terrified of that happening.

“There would be uproar from his victims. Harvey will also be kept separately from the prison population due to the risk of him being attacked by other inmates.”

Convicted sex offender Epstein hanged himself while being held at a Manhattan jail in August as he awaited trial on child sex trafficking charges – denying his victims justice.

It later turned out that wardens failed to check on him every 30 minutes – despite the shamed financier already making an earlier suicide attempt.

The sex offender's death was ruled suicide by hanging, but many have cast doubt on the finding.

Writer Ivana Lowell, who worked for Weinstein in the 1990s, wrote on Facebook: "I wonder if Harvey will try to attempt a Jeffrey Epstein."

"Those prison guards better stay awake on their watch this time," she wrote, according to Fox News.

"This whole sordid affair has left me feeling quite physically sick."

Judge James Burke said he would ask that Weinstein be placed in the North Infirmary Command at Rikers, where it would be "something tantamount to protective custody."

It is not clear when exactly Weinstein will end up at Rikers.

His lawyer told Judge Burke that he has back injuries from a car crash and a condition that requires shots in his eyes.

"He's not the picture of health by any stretch of the imagination," Aidala said.

Weinstein might have a short stay at Rikers – he will be moved to a state prison after he is sentenced next month.

He was convicted of criminal sex act for forcibly performing oral sex on a woman in 2006 and third-degree rape for a 2013 attack on a another woman.

Weinstein faces 29 years in prison. He has also been charged with sex crimes in California, and may go on trial there later this year.

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