I have five kids and I’m living on £33 a week… I can’t even afford to buy them Xmas presents

A MUM-of-five has told of her struggle to feed her kids while living off £33 a week – and won't be able to afford their Christmas presents.

Keira Ward, whose children are three, four, six, nine and 11, became homeless in April after returning to Wales from Ireland.

The 29-year-old went to Conwy County Council for help and since June, she and her kids have been living in accommodation at Rhos on Sea Golf Club, North Wales Live reports.

Her children go to a school in Old Colwyn and have settled in well – but a weekly bus fare to get them there costs £44, leaving Keira roughly £33 a week to feed them.

"We live on bread, milk and lots of pasta and meals like baked beans on toast," she said.

"The lack of money means I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

"When I have one I have to lay down flat and try and control my breathing, and my eldest son tells me everything is going to be alright, and my daughter strokes my legs as I literally can't move."

The mum, who moved to Wales to be closer to her family after things "went wrong" in Ireland, says her children shouldn't have to look after her.

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But she says her finances leave her in constant fear.

"A charity in Llandudno is going to help me with some presents which is a huge relief as I just don't have any spare money," she explained.

And although she usually enjoys Christmas, she is desperate for the occasion to be over this year.

The mum hopes to find somewhere closer to her dad to live in Wales and is currently on a housing list but says she is not considered the highest priority.

It means she could be living in temporary conditions – like thousands of others up and down the country – for a long time.

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