In push for woke ‘equity,’ Biden abandons equality

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President Biden’s embrace of utter nonsense pushed by the “woke” continued with last week’s executive orders to “advance racial equity” and “root out systemic racism in housing and criminal justice.”

The “equity” approach assumes that any outcome that doesn’t meet inane racial quotas is the result of bias. It is, in fact, systematically racist.

The four executive orders Biden signed Tuesday don’t seem that earth-shattering. He directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development “to take steps necessary to redress racially discriminatory federal housing policies,” told the Justice Department to stop using private prisons, recommitted the feds to honoring tribal sovereignty and vowed to combat “racism, xenophobia and intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.”

But, as the White House put it, his many “equity” orders set up “a whole-of-government initiative to address racial equity and support underserved communities, and redress systemic racism in federal policies, laws and programs.” He’ll also require “all agencies to take affirmative steps to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Notice that repeated word, “equity.” Liberals used to call (rightly) for equality of opportunity — to have every American treated the same way before the law. “Equity” demands equal outcomes. If some group of Americans is doing better than another, no matter the reason, government must fix it.

Tellingly, Biden in announcing his orders actually corrected his own use of the “wrong” term: “I believe this nation and this government need to change their whole approach to the issue of racial equal — equity.” 

Per the White House, Biden is bent on “embedding racial equity across his administration’s response to COVID-19 and the economic crisis.” That extends to de-facto quotas for small-business support — making federal aid depend on skin color.

That’s un-American, but the White House said these steps are “just the start.”

True: Some minorities have been harder hit by responses to the pandemic. Public-school shutdowns and lame “remote learning” efforts hit hardest at lower-income families who can’t afford private tutors or private schools. But Team Biden is adamantly against school choice, which would give such families real opportunity to get their kids a quality education. And the president has already declined to criticize the Chicago Teachers Union for refusing to go along with school reopening.

In short, Biden’s not fighting against racial injustice — he’s just giving Democratic interest groups and ideologues what they demand.

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