Inauguration Day – Biden to stop building Mexico border wall and end 'Muslim travel ban' in executive actions today

JOE BIDEN will begin reversing Donald Trump's policies today – including lifting a travel ban on Muslims and halting the building of the US-Mexico wall.

After being sworn in on Wednesday afternoon, Biden will stop construction of a wall along the southern border with Mexico and will lift a ban on visa applications from 13 Muslim-majority countries.

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According to The Hill, Biden’s national security adviser-designate Jake Sullivan told reporters: “This ban, which restricted issuance of visas to individuals from many Muslim and African countries, was nothing less than a stain on our nation.

"It was rooted in xenophobia and religious animus and President-elect Biden has been clear that we will not turn our back on our values with discriminatory bans on entry to the United States.”

Trump leaves the White House as:

  • He pardons Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, and 140 others
  • He is reportedly furious at A-listers who snubbed his inauguration but are appearing at Biden's
  • He is considering starting a new 'Patriot Party'
  • His defining moments from his four years in office are revealed

A statement on the Biden-Harris transition website sets out a whole raft of executive order that Biden has promised to achieve in his first 100 days in office.

It also includes his $1.9trillion Covid action plan – in which he promises to vaccinate 100million Americans during the same time frame.

On the ban on undocumented migrants, the statement said: "President-elect Biden will sign an Executive Order to revoke the prior Administration’s orders setting out an unlawful plan to exclude non-citizens from the census and apportionment of Congressional representatives."

"President-elect Biden will ensure that the Census Bureau has time to complete an accurate population count for each state.

"He will then present to Congress an apportionment that is fair and accurate so federal resources are efficiently and fairly distributed for the next decade."

Meanwhile Trump said "we'll be back" as he gave his final goodbye speech after leaving the White House.

Trump and his wife Melania addressed a crowd at Joint Base Andrews after flying on Marine One from the South Lawn as he departed Washington, DC.

The Republican departed the White House for the final time at around 8am ET and will end his day in Palm Beach, Florida.

"Hopefully it is not a long-term goodbye. We'll see each other again," Trump said to reporters waiting on the South Lawn.

He is expected to arrive in the Sunshine State at 11am ET – before the inauguration ceremony starts.


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