Is it illegal to have a BBQ on a balcony in the UK?

WITH the weather heating up across Britain its now officially BBQ season.

But is it illegal to have a BBQ on a balcony? Here is everything you need to know…

Is it illegal to have a BBQ on a balcony in the UK?

Currently, there are no specific laws against having a barbecue on your balcony however you would be highly advised against it.

Most leases for apartments will prohibit the use of BBQs on balconies.

Even if it doesn't state that barbecues are prohibited on your lease, your neighbours might advise you against them due to the potential danger.

London Fire Brigade urge you not to have barbecues on balconies.

What other rules are there for BBQs in the UK?

If you have your own BBQ, there is no rule to prevent you from using it at your home.

This means it must be used in your own garden and only by the people who are in your household.

There are laws against using barbecues in public spaces.

Areas owned by the local councils or by the National Trust will have different rules and regulations.

If you are in the countryside you should observe the Countryside Code and not light a barbecue.

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