Jeffrey Epstein used ‘trafficking pyramid scheme to abuse 100s’ where victims were ‘forced to recruit others’ – The Sun

PEDOPHILE Jeffrey Epstein created a "pyramid scheme" to lure young girls to his Caribbean island lairs where hundreds were trafficked and abused, it's been claimed.

The late financier concocted the sinister system to entrap vast numbers of victims into sexual servitude, according to a new lawsuit. 

A lawsuit filed by prosecutors in the Virgin Islands says Epstein used two private islands in the US territory to engage in a nearly two-decade conspiracy to traffic and abuse girls.

Victims were allegedly forced to "recruit others to perform services and engage in sexual acts — a trafficking pyramid scheme". 

It is claimed minors were "lured and recruited" to travel to islands under bogus modeling visas.

Here they were raped and abused by Epstein and his associates.

It is also said he kept a computerized database to track girls who could be sent to Little St James, which he bought in 1998 as "the perfect hideaway" to traffic them "for sexual servitude, child abuse and sexual assault".

Attorney General Denise N George told reporters: "The conduct of Jeffrey Epstein and his associates shocks the conscience and betrays the deepest principles and laws of the US Virgin Islands.

"The Virgin Islands is not, and will not be, a safe haven for human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

"We will hold accountable those who break our laws regardless of political, social or economic status."


From 2001 to as late as 2018, Epstein and associates flew girls from other countries to the Virgin Islands, then moved them by boat and helicopter to Epstein's property on Little St James. 

He bought the neighboring island to protect his illegal activity from being seen, the lawsuit claims.

Girls were said to be between 12 and 17.

Along with the 15-year-old girl who tried to swim away, the lawsuit describes a victim who was hired to provide massages, then forced to perform sex acts on Little St James.

She attempted to escape but was caught by a search party and threatened with physical restraint and other harm if she didn't cooperate, the lawsuit says.



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The Caribbean island is now seeking the forfeiture of both of the islands.

This could mean Epstein’s remaining $500 million in assets could be given to the victims he abused in the region, The New York Times reported.

Epstein was found dead in his prison cell after committing suicide on August 9 while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking,

The wealthy financier, 66, was a convicted child sex offender, who socialised with high profile celebrities.

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