My kids stink of MOULD as we're forced to live in a home covered in mildew – it's everywhere including in our SHOES

A MUM-of-four has told how her kids are having to go to school “smelling of mould” as black mildew plagues her damp-ridden home. 

Natasha Pinnock, 40, said the thick black mould is “everywhere” in her rented property in Enfield, north London – including her children’s shoes, buggy and cot. 

The teaching assistant said the grime began to emerge two years ago – just months after moving in.

But despite repeatedly asking letting agents BTC Lettings for help, the frustrated mum, who lives with her four kids, 10 months, seven, 10 and 23 as well as her 10-month-old grandchild, claims nothing is being done.

“It’s everywhere,” Natasha told The Sun Online.

“It comes from the ceiling, it's in our wardrobes, it’s all on the kids' clothes, their shoes.

"At one point even the sheets in the baby’s cot were full of mould.

"They go to school smelling of it. They don't want to wear their clothes because they smell – who wants to go to school smelling of mould?”

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The mum, who pays £1,500 on rent each month for the house, added the mould is so rampant, it grows back every time she tries scrub it off.

And to make matters worse, she has been left without heating and hot water for days after her boiler broke last week.

“We’ve had no heating or hot water since Thursday," Natasha explained.

"When we talk there’s a mist coming out of our mouths.

“No one has come out and it's absolutely freezing in here. They just don’t do anything."

Natasha, whose housing was arranged by the council, said she and her kids have been huddling in her room day and night to stay warm in the freezing conditions.

If it's growing like that on the walls its growing like that on our chests – they’re so young and they have to live like that.

And after taking her granddaughter to hospital with bronchitis a few months ago, she is terrified for her family's health.

She said: "If it's growing like that on the walls its growing like that on our chests – they’re so young and they have to live like that.

"The council owes me because they've found this place and its not suitable for me and my children.

“I pay my rent – £1,500 every month. Why am I living like this?"

Natasha's housing was initially organised by Barnet Council, although it’s understood Enfield Council is now responsible for the arrangements. 

The house is currently on sale and Natasha is desperate to be moved to a more suitable property.

"The housing manager has said 'we are in the process of trying to find you somewhere'," she explained.

A spokesperson for BTC Lettings said: “We are working on the issues that have been mentioned.

“We are in contact with the tenant and she will be kept informed about updates.”

Enfield London Borough Council has been approached for comment.

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