Naked couple have sex on front lawn in broad daylight as children cry – The Sun

SHOCKING footage shows a couple having sex on a front lawn in broad daylight as children cry in the background.

The clip of the couple, which was originally posted to Reddit, has since gone viral.

In the video, the couple are completely naked in an open lawn with nothing to hide them from public view.

Onlookers can be heard saying "that's disgusting" as children scream and cry in the background.

A woman who is standing by says to the group of onlookers in a threatening tone: "I'm gonna go over there."

It is unknown where the video was taken but the accent and the car registration plate places it somewhere in the UK.

The footage went viral on Reddit earlier this week but the date of which the footage was recorded is unknown.

There are no leaves on the trees on the background which suggests the video is old.

Under the uploaded footage on Reddit, one user said: "This is the trashiest thing I’ve seen in a while. Lol"Another person wrote: "Just when you think you've seen it all the internet reaches new depths."

Over recent weeks randy couples have been taking to public spaces to romp with their partners.

Due to the current lockdown in place, once busy spots including parks are now virtually empty giving randy couples a chance to bonk in public.

Last week a couple was caught having sex in broad daylight just yards away from the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Footage taken by a cyclist shows the woman straddling the man as families and ­joggers watched aghast in St James’s Park.

Two police officers on horseback moved in to break them up on Saturday afternoon.

At the start of April, another randy couple were caught flouting lockdown rules and were caught "having sex" in a London park by a passing jogger.

The female runner was out jogging as temperatures soared on Saturday when she spotted two people lying in long grass in South Norwood Country Park, Croydon.

She stopped and filmed 13 seconds of the encounter – and said she was furious with the "disgusting" couple.

"At 2pm, during my afternoon jog, I spotted two morons having sex by the woodlands in South Norwood Country Park," she said.

"It was in plain sight and children were around. So much for staying home and saving lives. Disgusting."

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