Sanders tears into Trump for campaigning during coronavirus crisis

‘How petty, how pathetic is that?’ Bernie Sanders tears into Donald Trump for leaving Washington to hold a campaign rally in South Carolina amid coronavirus crisis

  • Bernie Sanders ripped into President Trump for his decision to leave Washington Friday night and hold a campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina 
  • Sanders said the president should be doing his job amid the global coronavirus outbreak 
  • ‘He is here in South Carolina for one reason – to disrupt the Democratic primary,’ Sanders said at his rally in Columbia. ‘How petty, how pathetic is that?’ 
  • Sanders held his final Palmetto State rally Friday afternoon before Democratic voters head to the polls Saturday 
  • Rapper Killer Mike and actor Danny Glover introduced Sanders, with the rapper asking black voters not to vote for Joe Biden or Mike Bloomberg  
  • The Vermont senator is moving on to campaign in Virginia, where voters vote as part of ‘Super Tuesday,’ while Biden will stay in South Carolina 
  • The latest polls show Biden with a 9-point advantage over Sanders in South Carolina, while Sanders has a 13-point lead among Democrats nationally 

Bernie Sanders ripped into President Trump for leaving Washington to hold a campaign rally Friday night in Charleston, South Carolina amid the coronavirus crisis. 

‘He is here in South Carolina for one reason – to disrupt the Democratic primary – that’s why he’s here. He hopes he can get a little media attention taken away from the Democratic candidates,’ Sanders said at a rally in Columbia, South Carolina. ‘How petty, how pathetic is that?’ 

The 2020 hopeful blasted Trump saying, ‘Do your job.’ ‘Don’t worry about the Democratic primary because we’re going to beat you,’ the Vermont senator taunted. 

Bernie Sanders tore into President Trump for the president’s decision to hold a campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina Friday night – instead of staying in Washington amid the coronavirus crisis 

Rapper Killer Mike opened for Bernie Sanders at the 2020 hopeful’s rally in Columbia, South Carolina Friday afternoon. The Sanders surrogate told the ‘black people of South Carolina’ that ‘if it rhymes with slow, don’t vote for it. If the name is “Mike” don’t vote for it’ 

Actor Danny Glover was also on hand and gave opening remarks at Bernie Sanders’ Columbia, South Carolian rally. Glover also supported Sanders during his 2016 run 

Sanders was holding his final rally in South Carolina before moving on to other states, and on the eve of the state’s Democratic primary. While the Republican primary was cancelled thanks to Trump being an incumbent, the president decided to still hold a rally with supporters in the state. 

At the Columbia rally, held at Finlay Park, located a short distance from the University of South Carolina campus, the Sanders campaign trotted out a number of opening performers and speakers including the Austin-based rap duo Blackillac, actor Danny Glover – who also supported Sanders’ 2016 run – and Killer Mike. 

‘I came for the b.s. and I don’t mean the bulls***,’ Killer Mike told the crowd. ‘We don’t have time for bulls***.’ 

The rapper, and Sanders campaign surrogate – who also has supported Sanders since his 2016 run – explained that a progressive party needs to make progress. 

‘I love what the Democratic Party has done, but I’m going to love more what the Democratic Party is about to do,’ Killer Mike said, saying that ‘we’re going to progress that old guy right into the White House,’ meaning the 78-year-old Sanders. 

Killer Mike specifically tailored his message to a certain voting bloc that Sanders will need if he want to perform well in South Carolina.  

 ‘Listen to me black people in South Carolina. I’m talking to black people in South Carolina,’ Killer Mike said. ‘If it rhymes with slow, don’t vote for it. If the name is “Mike” don’t vote for it.’  

The Columbia rally marked Sanders’ last appearance in South Carolina, as he plans to campaign in Virginia – one of 14 ‘Super Tuesday’ states – Saturday while Palmetto State voters head to the polls. 

As results are coming in Saturday night, Sanders will be holding a rally in Virginia, Beach, Virginia. 

His rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, is staying in South Carolina, as polls show he’s on track to win the state.

The most recent South Carolina poll, which dropped Friday, showed Biden 9 points ahead of Sanders. 

While Bernie Sanders lags behind Joe Biden in South Carolina, nationally he’s beating the ex-vice president by 13 points 

The Data for Progress survey showed 34 per cent of South Carolina voters choosing Biden, while 25 per cent said they supported Sanders. Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg were tied for third with 13 per cent each. Elizabeth Warren followed with 7 per cent support. Amy Klobuchar received 5 per cent and Tulsi Gabbard got 3 per cent, in the new poll. 

Nationally, though, Sanders holds a double-digit edge. 

A Fox News Channel poll that was released Friday had Sanders 13 points ahead of the Democratic pack. 

Thirty-one per cent of Democratic voters nationally said they support Sanders, while 18 per cent chose Biden. 

Biden was followed by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, with 16 per cent. Bloomberg decided to skip the first four states that hold primary contests – Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Instead he’s looking toward ‘Super Tuesday.’ 

In fourth place nationally was Buttigieg with 12 per cent support. Warren got fifth place with 10 per cent, while Klobuchar got 5 per cent, Steyer got 2 per cent and Gabbard got the support of just 1 per cent of Democratic primary voters, the Fox News survey said.    

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