Spain agrees to extradite tech mogul John McAfee to US on tax evasion charges

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A Spanish court has agreed to extradite embattled tech entrepreneur John McAfee, who faces tax-evasion and other financial charges in the US.

The extradition was approved by the high court in the country and revealed in a court filing on Wednesday that was reviewed by Reuters.

McAfee, an eccentric tech mogul who developed McAfee antivirus software, was arrested in the country in October for allegedly failing to pay taxes on years of income.

He was hit with a 10-count indictment in the Western District of Tennessee for allegedly dodging taxes on millions of dollars of income from 2014 to 2018, according to prosecutors.

McAfee, 75, earned the income through speaking engagements, selling the rights to his story for a documentary, doing consulting work and promoting cryptocurrencies online, prosecutors charged at the time.

He claimed the charges against him were politically motivated — and he has the right to fight the extradition, Reuters reported.

In March, McAfee was also charged in Manhattan federal court for running two schemes to bilk crypto investors out of about $13 million.

In that case, McAfee and a co-conspirator, Jimmy Watson, allegedly bought up large quantities of a cryptocurrency called “alt-coin” and inflated the value of it by publicizing it on his wildly popular Twitter feed.

They then sold off the product, earning about $2 million in the “pump and dump” scheme, prosecutors charged.

In a second ruse, McAfee and his team took money from startup cryptocurrency issuers to tout events called “initial coin offerings,” prosecutors charged.

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