Teacher at Tenerife coronavirus hotel says held Brits are ‘sacrificial lambs’ held ‘against will’ as he slams government – The Sun

A BRIT dad says he fears his family have been left as 'sacrificial lambs' by the British government after being 'held against their will' at a coronavirus infected hotel.

Robert Brown, a 35-year-old teacher from North Yorkshire, said that the hotel was still holding cocktail-making workshops and aqua aerobics classes despite medical advice to avoid close contact.

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The H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel, which currently holds around 160 Brits inside, went into a 14-day quarantine on Monday after an Italian doctor tested positive for the killer bug. Three more cases were later confirmed, including the doctor's wife and two others travelling in their party.

Rob, who flew out with his GP wife Elizabeth and their two sons, Henry, 4, and Lawrence, 2, for a half-term holiday said they were growing more and more concerned for the safety of their children, who both suffered from asthma and need inhalers when they become ill.

Speaking to the Sun Online: "We have been victims of circumstance and left here by the British government. We feel like sacrificial lambs.

"There is a lot of tension and anxiety at the moment because people are being kept in the dark. They are seeing the news and don't know what is true and what isn't.

"I'm not willing to sit here for two weeks and let my family catch it. We are being held here against our will.

"We are worried about the children because they both need inhalers when they are ill and Lawrence has already overcome meningitis when he was just two-years-old.

"They are going against all the advice and are still doing cocktail making workshops, my wife said she saw them doing a water aerobics class in the indoor pool too.

"We were due to go home on Sunday but the sandstorms cancelled the flight and so we were put in alternative accommodation.

"The first hotel wouldn't except children and we were bought here. So we have been doubly unlucky.

"The first thing we knew about it was when we had a note under the door. We found out more from the press and people at home than any official sources.

"The best thing to do would be to get us home now and self-isolate at home. Otherwise, it will be just like the cruise ship. It's counterproductive."

It comes after fears that the hotel could face the same outcome as the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where the virus was able to spread as the boat remained on lockdown off the coast of Japan.


After initially being told to stay in their rooms, guests were later allowed to move freely around the hotel while wearing protective facemasks and keeping a safe distance from others.

Yesterday, around 50 Brits were allowed to leave the hotel but airline Jet2 said it was not prepared to fly anyone home without a negative test and the Foreign Office also said it had no plans in place to bring Brits home.

Although many had originally been tested on Tuesday for the bug, it is thought that those without symptoms are only receiving daily temperature checks prompting fears infected Brits could be slipping through the net and returning to the UK.

Pictures showed people sunbathing and enjoying drinks by the pool, making the most of their time locked up, with one German hotel guest urging others to 'keep calm and carry on tanning'.

Frustrated guest Robert, told the Sun Online: "I haven't seen people drinking champagne but a lot of people are purposely carrying on with their holiday.

"People are being selfish and not taking precautions. The hotel is even encouraging people to do it because they want everything to be normal. It's only for their benefit.

"It is tricky to get the basics and we had a two-day fight to get nappies. If you want a baby wipes you have to order them and collect from reception.

"The restaurants are now open as normal but we have been keeping to our rooms because we are worried about who is touching the food.

"They have been wiping people's phone is they are spotted taking any pictures too.

"They are now sending cleaners room to room so they could be spreading it even further.

"It has gone from total lockdown to very lacks, it's like a normal hotel again."


Around 160 Brit holidaymakers were staying at the complex which is currently being patrolled by police.

The trapped holiday-goers have spent three days in isolation after the coronavirus was detected there in four Italian tourists.

It is understood the Italian tourists were part of a group of ten holidaymakers and are now being treated at a local hospital in Candelaria.

It means 16 people have tested positive in the UK since the virus outbreak began in China in December.

It was also discovered that dogs may be carriers of the virus after the pet of a patient in Hong Kong was found to have 'low levels' of the deadly bug.

Experts have warned of school closures and the cancellation of major sporting events, concerts and festivals in the UK in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

Sun Online exclusively revealed that at least one Brit that has landed back in the UK is now being tested for the bug after suffering from symptoms.

The patient stayed at the hotel on Saturday night after the infected Italian guest arrived but left before any lockdown was put in place.

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