Teens charged after 'group of 10 boys stripped woman naked, sexually assaulted and beat her to death in a park’

TWO TEENAGERS are facing homicide charges after a 36-year-old woman was found brutally beaten and left for dead in Milwaukee.

Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15, each face one count of first-degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime and one count of first-degree sexual assault for their role in Ee Lee's murder.

Lee was found half-naked and barely breathing by passers-by inWashington Library Park on September 16, after a brutal physical and sexual attack.

Investigators say footage from the area shows a group of 11 people exiting the park on foot and on bicycles, one being Lewis.

Lee was attacked by a group of "younger males" in a terrifying ordeal that resulted in her being left to die at the side of a pond.

She died days later in hospital due to blunt force trauma to her head.

One of the alleged "bystanders" who called 911 was actually an associate of Lewis and Spencer, who had been seen walking with them, according to the criminal complaint.

Prosecutors say the witness then offered up a "detailed statement" on the two teens, explaining they had beat Lee and forced her to perform sex acts.

The witness also claimed to have seen video footage on Lewis' phone, showing the pair hitting Lee as she lay on the ground.

Another onlooker who found the body described Lewis "hitting her with tree branches and punching her in the face", as Spencer also struck her.

He then claimed,"Spencer told Kamare to put her in the water and Kamare was dragging her to the water," after they ceased beating Lee.

He alleged that footage of the incident, recorded by Lewis, was sent to him via Facebook Messenger before he deleted the content from his phone.

Months later, the witness' mother told cops that there was further footage they may be interested in on her sons old iPhone.

His mom said a video showed "two boys beating a lady," with "a lot of other little kids standing around."

She said "you could tell who they were," and explained she originally told her son to delete the video "because it doesn't have anything to do with him," before warning him to "stay away from Kamare Lewis."

Another male who's DNA was found on a bottle at the scene told investigators Lewis and Spencer approached her to see if she had any money.

"They saw this lady on a blanket in the park…" and "walked up to her to see if she had any money, and started harassing her," he told authorities.

He said they then began hitting and kicking her, before dragging her to an area near a tree to assault her further.

The witness told the others he "didn't want to be involved and started walking away", resulting in him being hit by a juice bottle thrown by one of the teenagers.

Spencer confessed to him that he and Lewis had beat and raped Lee, but both defendants had differing accounts of the attack.

Lewis "tried to downplay his role in the incident" and told investigators that Spencer and others did most of the beating.

The complaint says he "incredibly" claimed Lee "volunteered to have sex with the defendant and others present", before others crowded around and began hitting her.

Lewis said his 15-year-old accomplice "was the most aggressive" and he continued to strike Lee "more brutally" as people gathered.

Prosecutors say Lewis admitted to beating, sexually assaulting, and leaving Lee for dead near a pond without attempting to get her help.

He indicated he thought Lee was already dead and said he "didn't really care about her because she's not someone he knows personally."

Both of the teens DNA was found on Lee's body and her denim jacket, according to the criminal complaint.

Lee's sister, Nancy, expressed her anguish of her sister's brutal murder in January when a search warrant was released.

She told Fox News, "It hurts so bad, you know?" said Nancy Lee. "It really hurts me. I just want justice for her. That’s all I want. She don't deserve to die that way."

Bail was set at $300,000 for Spencer and $275,000 for Lewis.

"I don't have confidence Mr. Spencer will return to court and my bail amount reflects that," said Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Audrey Skwierawski.

If convicted, they face up to 60 years in prison.

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