That 70s Show star Danny Masterson allegedly 'ravaged' rape victim

‘He ravaged me like a rag doll’: Third woman takes the stand to accuse Danny Masterson of rape after he ‘ordered her to his LA home, commanded her to strip and “pounded her like jackhammer”’

  • Masterson’s third alleged rape victim said in court on Thursday he ‘commanded’ her to show up to his Hollywood Hills home 
  • There, the victim, who is only being referred to as ‘N. Trout’ said the actor ‘ravaged’ her ‘like a rag doll,’ sexually pounding her from behind
  • She said he knew Masterson casually before the encounter
  • The alleged victim also claims she was feeling ‘blurry’ after having a glass of red wine at his house and felt the need to obey him as he was very commanding
  • She said she told him she did not want to have intercourse, but he penetrated her from behind anyway 

The third alleged rape victim of That 70s star Danny Masterson told a Los Angeles court today how he ‘ravaged’ her ‘like a rag doll.’

Dabbing at tears with a tissue, N. Trout – whose full identity has not been disclosed – said the Scientologist actor ‘commanded’ her to come to his Hollywood Hills home where her alleged rape ordeal began in the shower, then moved to his bed where he sexually ‘pounded’ her from behind, ‘like a jackhammer.’

Ms. Trout was taking her turn in the witness box on the third day of a preliminary hearing to determine whether Masterson, 45, will stand trial on the three charges of rape that he’s pleaded not guilty to.

Danny Masterson, known for his role in That 70s Show, appeared in court on Tuesday as he faces three rape charges. Masterson has pleaded not guilty

The preliminary hearing is expected to last four days and will decide whether Masterson will stand trial on the rape charges

An alleged victim, only referred to as ‘N. Trout’ claimed on Thursday Masterson ‘commanded’ her to come over to his house (pictured), which was close to her house

Masterson – dressed in a dark blue suit, blue tie and white shirt – sat motionless in court, listening to Ms. Trout’s traumatic account of what happened in late 2003, starting when she and some friends went out for drinks with Masterson at a Hollywood bar.

Being also a Scientologist, Ms. Trout knew him casually, but that night, Masterson ‘started staring at me in a very predatory way. He was staring at me very aggressively. He wouldn’t take his eyes off me.’

Auburn-haired Ms. Trout – wearing a black pantsuit and black blouse – told the court that she felt ‘flattered but intimidated’ by the star’s attention but she gave him her phone number when he asked for it.

A couple of days later, he texted her, she said, ‘in the form of a command, ordering me to come over to his home now, immediately, to bring my bathing suit and to get in my pool.

‘I didn’t understand why he was being so aggressive. It was bizarre. I thought maybe this was his way of flirting.’

She agreed to go to his house, she said, which was walking distance from his, but only on ‘conditions’ that she wouldn’t take her bathing suit, that she wouldn’t go in his pool.

After having a drink to calm her nerves she went to Masterson’s house where ‘he immediately handed me a glass of red wine. When I arrived, my expectations were maybe to flirt a little….have a glass of wine…maybe something in the realm of romance but nothing serious.’

She told the court that when the wine ‘started to take hold,’ Masterson led her to his jacuzzi area where, ‘He commanded me to go in the jacuzzi.

‘He said, “Take off your clothes right now….take them off…take them off. If you don’t, I’m going to do it. I’m going to strip you right now.’

M’s. Trout – who said that she started to feel ‘blurry’ – went on ‘I was scared so I didn’t try to be argumentative. But I told him no, I didn’t want to take my clothes off.

‘I was trying to obey him so some of my clothes came off…I still had underwear and a camisole on I think.….I got in the jacuzzi and we were kissing, making out. But I was out if it at that point.’

Masterson then ordered her to go upstairs to take a shower, she added. ‘He said, “Go upstairs, get your clothes off and get in the shower now!” He was like a drill sergeant. I obeyed him because he was so domineering and commanding.’

In the shower, Masterson came in with her, she recalled. ‘We were kissing and I was trying to control the kissing. But he put his hand down to my groin and I think he put his fingers in me.

‘All of a sudden he put his penis inside me and I yelled, “Danny, What are you doing?” I told him to get out ….I had told him earlier that I did not want to have sex with him.’

Masterson stopped, she said, but ordered her into his bedroom where they started making out on his bed. ‘I pleaded with him, “Ok Danny, we cannot have sex. No intercourse.” It was getting out of hand.

‘He kept saying, “Look at your face” and I think he was doing something to me, like fingering me. I feel like I remember some oral copulation but I’m not sure…..

‘Then he said, “Ok, that’s it,” and he flipped me over and started to pound me from behind like a jack hammer. He was penetrating my vagina from behind. It hurt

‘I said “Danny what are you doing…you don’t have a condom on….If you’re going to do it, at least put a condom on.

‘I started to vomit in my mouth…..I get ravaged, like a rag doll. It was very rough sex. I was not in charge of all my faculties…I was spent.’

She said Masterson ejaculated on her stomach then, ‘trying to act like a gentleman’ wiped it off with a wet towel.

Danny Masterson posted a photo Tuesday of himself in the passenger seat as his wife Bijou Phillips drove, with the caption, ‘Had the most beautiful Uber driver drop me off at school today. #uberwife #bijouphillips,’ and the location ‘Court House’

Ms. Trout ran into Masterson at an event five years later and when she said hi, he didn’t respond. ‘He was staring at me with kind of a death stare. He looked like he wanted to kill me.’

She added that she did not report the alleged rape to the Church of Scientology. ‘Because I knew I would be in trouble……I had been told previously that you don’t report another Scientologist.

‘You mustn’t do that or you will lose everything…..You are excommunicated and you will lose everything.

Masterson  played wise-cracking Steven Hyde on That ’70s Show from 1998 to 2006 

‘Danny was a celebrity and I thought nobody would believe me.’

Under cross examination from Masterson’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, Ms. Trout admitted that she had taken a Xanax pill before her testimony today because ‘I have an anxiety disorder.’

When Mesereau asked her why – with Masterson being so ‘scary and intimidating’ at the restaurant – she agreed to go to his house, she answered, ‘I felt he was very interested. I think I thought it was his way of saying he was into me, of flirting.’

Mesereau told her, ‘You went to Danny Masterson’s house knowing full well you were going to take off your clothes, correct?

‘No,’ responded Ms. Trout, who added that she set ‘conditions’ before going to his house, telling him, ‘I’ll talk to you but I won’t bring a bathing suit and I won’t go in the jacuzzi.’ 

When Mesereau suggested that Ms. Trout ‘went along with’ what happened to her during the alleged rape, she became emotional and tearfully asked Judge Charlaine Olmedo for a break.

After a five-minute pause to compose herself outside the courtroom, she told the court, ‘I was scared to resist. I kept saying no but he was not listening to me….. I was afraid that it would escalate to violence.’

When Mesereau asked her if Masterson hit her or was otherwise violent toward her, she admitted he never hit her.

But she insisted that during the alleged rape, ‘He was very violent to me – he was holding my hips from the back and ramming himself into me.’

She also responded ‘No’ when Mesereau asked her if she’s had sex with Masterson again since the alleged rape in late 2003.

After Ms. Trout’s testimony ended, Judge Olmedo adjourned till tomorrow when Masterson’s legal team is expected to file a motion to dismiss the rape charges. 

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