TikTok swamped with sickening videos of terror attack murders, Holocaust denials and vile racist slurs – The Sun

KIDS as young as 13 are being exposed to sickening videos glorifying terror attacks, anti-Semitism and racist slurs on TikTok.

The video-sharing app popular with teenagers has faced a backlash over its failure to protect youngsters from toxic footage.

Leading anti-racism campaigners said posts found by The Sun Online show the app is exposing kids to a 'cesspit of hate'.

In minutes, we unearthed a series of posts celebrating terrorist killings and promoting Holocaust denials and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

Scores of posts feature sickening anti-Semitic taunts – with cartoons depicting Jewish men with large noses and joking about the Holocaust receiving hundreds of likes and comments.

In one video, racist sketches of characters labelled 'A Sneaky Jew' and 'Mega Jew' are followed by anti-Semetic tropes that Jewish people control the media, financial sector and government.

In one horrifying clip, a TikTok user 'duets' – a video reply shared alongside an original, innocent post – with a young male talking about the dangers of anti-Semitic slurs.

The user opens an oven door and points inside as the original clip plays alongside.

It appears to reference the Holocaust, in which millions of Jews were gassed to death and cremated in large ovens by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

One TikTok user commented: "You have to put a trail of coins for them to follow."

Another, appearing to cast doubt on the six million Holocaust death toll, said: "I myself have been gassed over 6,000,000 times!!!"

A host of videos including Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic tropes had been viewed thousands of times before we flagged them to TikTok bosses.

Users commenting under the videos posted under handles including @1_hate_J3ws and @deathtoj3ws.

Gideon Falter, chief executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism said: "TikTok has become yet another social media platform serving up a diet of hatred to teenagers and young children.

"Those who post antisemitic memes about gassing Jews and Holocaust denial should be banned from social media and prosecuted.

"Tik Tok must take rapid action to prevent its app becoming a cesspit of hate where our children are radicalised into racism."


Sickening footage of the Christchurch terrorist massacre, in which 51 people were shot dead when a white supremacist killer stormed two mosques, was among a series of chilling far-right clips found on the app just this week.
Others included videos hailing and featuring the speeches of former British Union of Fascists leader Sir Oswald Mosley.

German neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division (AWD) has shared videos calling for 'random violence' and a white supremacist 'accelerationism' to promote the rise of fascism on the app.

Former English Defence League leader and convicted thug Tommy Robinson also posts political selfie videos on TikTok despite being banned from social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

We also found a series of posts from Islamist and pro-Palestinian extremists calling for violence against its targets.

Islamic State has focused on online propaganda since its formation and is known to use social media to spread its calls for attacks on the West.

TikTok removed a series of Islamic State propaganda videos last October after an investigation by Storyful.

The videos featured corpses paraded through streets, ISIS militants training with machine guns and extremists calling for non-believers to be slaughtered.

Elisabeth Kendall, an Oxford University expert on extremism, said the platform appeals to terror groups looking to radicalise children.

She said: "The rhyme, beat, evocative lyrics and punchy delivery are especially appealing to youth.

"This catchy sing-along method for propagating ISIS ideology means it spreads quickly and sticks in the collective memory. It tends to be far more effective than sermons or theological debate."

Animated videos previously discovered by Palestinian Media Watch recreated real-life murders of Jews in terror attacks, including the fatal stabbing of Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi in Jerusalem in 2015.

TikTok Time Bomb

TikTok has spread like digital wildfire, snapping up over 1.5 billion users since its global launch three years ago — including millions in the UK. 

On the surface, the world's fastest growing social media platform shows short clips of  lip-syncing to songs or showing off dance moves but there’s a far more sinister side. 

It’s become a magnet for paedophiles as well as a hotbed for violent and extremist content, with TikTok predators exploiting the platform's young user base and lax security to prey on the vulnerable.

We've seen kids as young as eight being groomed on TikTok, while other creeps take advantage of young girls posting sexualised content of themselves on the platform.

And that's especially worrying on a site which is attracting millions more children every year, with 53 per cent of kids now owning a smartphone by the age of seven.

That's why we launched our TikTok Time Bomb series — to make sure parents are aware of the risks their kids are being exposed to, and what they can do to better protect them. 

Everyone agrees that social media can be a force for good, but it has to be used the right way and with proper controls in place.

We want TikTok to better moderate its content so that it’s not being left to kids to protect themselves online.

TikTok, owned by Chinese tech firm Bytedance Ltd, features short videos which are usually overlaid with music.

It has topped the download charts in the US and was the eighth most downloaded app in the UK in 2019, narrowly trailing giants such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.

Bytedance launched a moderation team in London in 2018 to monitor content in the UK and remove videos which breached its rules.

The app also uses a combination of algorithms and systems to try and spot extremist or explicit content automatically.

But with more than 1billion monthly users, charities and campaign groups say the app is not properly tackling harmful content.

Which is why we launched our TikTok Time Bomb series to raise awareness of the dangers.

A TikTok spokesman said all the videos had been removed after being flagged by The Sun Online.

He said: "Keeping our community safe is a top priority for TikTok and we do not tolerate content that includes hate speech.

"Our safety teams have investigated and removed all videos flagged to us by The Sun and we have also banned accounts for repeated violations of our policies.

"We would encourage our community to use our extensive reporting tools to let us know if they are concerned that someone is using TikTok inappropriately.

“Accounts, videos, and comments can all be reported in-app and once a report is made our expert review team will take appropriate action in line with our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service."

Take control of TikTok – change these settings now

Parents should do the following immediately…

Go private:

  • Head into Settings > Privacy and Safety and look for the Discoverability heading at the top.
  • Under that you'll see a setting called Private Account. Toggle this on.
  • TikTok recommends your page to lots of other users to improve video circulation.
  • Switch the setting off and the account will no longer be recommended to other users.

Shut out weirdos:

  • In Privacy and Safety > Safety, you can prevent other users from interacting with you.
  • Most of the settings are on Everyone by default, but can be changed to Friends or Off.
  • You can prevent interactions on comments, Duets, Reacts, users seeing which videos you've liked, and also messages.

Restricted Mode ON:

  • Restricted Mode tries to limit age-inappropriate content from appearing for children.
  • It's not perfect, and works through using computer-scanning systems – so some dodgy content will inevitably be missed.
  • It's also possible to set a passcode to prevent your child from changing this setting later on.
  • You'll find this in Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Screen Time Management.

Family Safety Mode:

  • This setting lets you assign accounts as 'Parent' or 'Teen', giving you remote control over a child's TikTok access.
  • You can set watch time limits, exclude inappropriate content and limit who can send messages.
  • It's possible to do this from your own smartphone, so you can make sure your child is as protected as possible from anywhere.
  • This setting is in Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Family Safe Mode.

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