Trio of women ‘took kids to house & let pedophiles rape them for cash’ – The Sun

THREE women are accused of supplying a house full of evil pedos with children as young as three to rape in exchange for cash.

Magan Richmond, 32, Tasha Stringer, 37, and Kathryn McMullen, 36, allegedly took the children, aged between three and thirteen to a house in Wheelersburg, Ohio where the monsters sexually assaulted them and recorded the sick attacks.

Cops say the women organized the abuse in exchange for cash and drugs.

Scioto County Sheriff’s Office cracked the pedophile ring after being passed on evidence of the horrifying abuse.

All three women were picked up by cops along with the FBI over the weekend.

They are being held in Scioto County Jail on $100,000 and each face a charge of first-degree rape.

The children involved in the attacks have been taken into protective custody.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Sherrif's Office wrote on their Facebook page: "Captain John W. Murphy stated this is still an ongoing investigation and that more charges will be presented to the Scioto County Grand Jury on these individuals along with others on a later date."

It's not yet clear if the pedophiles have been taken into custody.

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