Was there a shooting in Boone, North Carolina?

A SHOOTER remains active inside a home in Boone, North Carolina, as of April 28, 2021.

The standoff situation remains underway according to the local Sheriff's office, while residents in the area are ordered to "shelter in place."

Was there a shooting in Boone, North Carolina?

A suspect has barricaded himself inside a North Carolina home after allegedly shooting five people, of which two were members of his family.

The Watauga County Sheriff's office was called for a welfare check at a home in Boone at 9.45 am after the homeowner and his family did not show up for work or answer phone calls.

Responding officers entered the North Carolina home when they found the family's vehicles still parked outside, WX11 reports.

A person inside the home began to fire and hit at least two deputies.

North Carolina state representative Jeffrey McNeely called for a moment of silence for the victims.

"We have some policemen who are either wounded or dead, some family members also," he said before the state legislature met on the afternoon of April 28.

How many victims were there in the incident?

The suspect was said to have killed his parents and shot at at least three sheriff's deputies in the incident.

One of the deputies is reportedly "hanging by a thread" after being injured in the shoot-out.

One deputy has been was flown to Johnson City Medical Center for treatment.

Another remains at the scene but both their conditions remain unclear.

Has the shooter been arrested?

Authorities say it remains an active shooter scene and have asked residents to remain indoors.

The sheriff's office said that the shooter periodically fires his weapon in the direction of officers.

Nearby residents have been evacuated and law enforcement has the home surrounded.

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